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Monthly archive February, 2005

Margaret Atwood interviews

Okay, so Margaret Atwood has long been known as a “difficult interview”. Well, click here for a recent one-on-one. Who’s having fun with whom? Acutally, at the moment you can search through the CBC archives to see footage of Atwood over the years. There’s a reason she’s the Queen of Can Lit. There may also...

Found Doll on Atlantic Avenue

Same deal. Found object, half hour of playtime. This one particularly fascinated me as I had one of these “Kathy Walker” dolls before I could even walk–I remember looking up at that face, and I do remember walking along with her. Only mine was brunette and had that famously bristling hair. For those L Word...

Martin’s Favourite Poem

The little fishies in the brook,they look and look and look. My sister rides a bicycle. Please follow and like us:0

Beautiful Boxer

Wow, that’s all I can say about this one. Beautiful Boxer is glorious! Yes, it is sentimental, but still well worth seeing. How often do we get to watch a transvestite kick some hard core manly-ass in a boxing ring? An unbelievably powerful and inspiring tale… Please follow and like us:0

Michael Moore

Is it or is it not? Celebrity sightings are one thing, but mysterious sightings quite another. So, you tell me: is this guy, being filmed in Central Park last weekend, Michael Moore? I took the photo (one of the most fascinating aspects of the installations for me was how people were attempting to photograph and...

Korean Wedding Photos

One day she went for a walk in the park and discovered that dozens of couples were getting married, all on the same day! Everyone was politely waiting their turn to pose in the best locations. There was some difficulty finding views without wedding parties in them! If you look close you’ll notice that even...

The commute

We’re having a cold snap in New York/New Jersey… Click here for a slideshow from warmer days. I’ll update it soon. New improved! I just doubled the slideshow. Please follow and like us:0

Not an exciting day for Samuel Pepys!

Friday 21 February 1661/62 All the morning putting things in my house in order, and packing up glass to send into the country to my father, and books to my brother John, and then to my Lord Crew’s to dinner; and thence to Mr. Lewes Philip’s chamber, and there at noon with him for business,...

More gates!

And just in case anyone is taking themselves too seriously, here’s another version of the gates! (Thanks Bobbe!) Please follow and like us:0

Joy, joy, joy!

I found this link on maissoneuve. Joy comes in all shapes and disguises! Gotta love it. By the way–if you can’t hear this you aren’t getting the joy! Please follow and like us:0

Nathalie Stephens

Here’s a young poet burning up the air…a great poem posted online from this month’s WALRUS. Her book Paper City, from Coach House, is gorgeous too… Please follow and like us:0

To prose or not to prose what makes a poem is

James Tate’s new book: return to the city of white donkeys, arrived yesterday. You can read a poem at poetry daily. I love this book. I’ve been a fan ever since reading the 1997 Best American Poetry, which he edited. It remains one of the best selections in the series: a roaming eye, funny, and...


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