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Barbie reaches out

Okay, this is probably the last of the Barbie slideshows for a while. So enjoy.

Animals in the city

Animals in the city, fur, fin, feather...and others. For a slideshow click here.

Found Print

This is from a while back. Slideshow here.

Night Lights in the City

Night in the city, above and below ground...check it out.

Schlep, schlep, schlep…

A fine spring day on 5th Avenue, and a little on Broadway.

Spring in Union Square...

Wal Mart website Parody

This from the Globe & Mail today:"The goal was to make the site look like it could be a real site from a company like Wal-Mart, but have text that was so ridiculous that anyone who read it would realize that it was absurd," Papasian said in a statement on his revamped website. "If anyone...


This week's belladonna was awesome--admittedly I'm a little biased, but Erin Moure & Lisa Robertson are two of Canada's finest. Check out Lisa Robertson's new The Office of Soft Architecture, and Erin Moure's Little Theatre's, which is....god, brilliant sounds so inept. One reviewer said that Moure's poetry made other poetry seem like furniture from target....

Joy Boy

Someone emailed to say that the link I posted to Joy Boy was no longer working...we've tracked him down and here he is once more. The sound isn't as good, but I'll take joy any way it comes.

Yiddish Dick & Jane

Love this...See Jane schlep. Schlep, schelp, schlep!