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Jeanette Lynes

Here’s a poet with wit and heart, and here’s a great Canadian magazine. Check both out. Lynes is the author of three books, Girl on the Antikokan Highway, Left Fields, The Aging Cheerleaders’ Alphabet and a chapbook I have yet to see, but love the title of: inglish prof with her head in a blender...

Madhot Ballroom

Amazing! This is even better than joy boy for a buzz of human potential for joy. Ya, ya, it’s a feel good flick. Go, feel good! Go Yomairia! Go Kelvin! Go Jatnna! Go Cyrus!

Bjork on BBC’s Women’s Hour

Who knew that Bjork would sound like that?? The odd thing about this is that her voice reminds me of my Icelandic grandmother attempting to do an English accent…or maybe it’s just that she talks about “marrow” and my grandmother had an odd obssession with marrow. The eating of marrow….but I digress. It’s a great...

Suzanne Zelazo, Atwood and Virginia Woolf’s childhood home

You too can spend a weekend at Woolf’s childhood home and pine not to go the lighthouse, but “for” the lighthouse. It seems that soon enough the lighthouse will be put out of commission. (See post below). I have been reading Suzanne Zelazo’s Parlance again, and I think it’s great. Particularly the first series of...

Marjorie Perloff

Wow, what an amazing woman… Here she is talking about the fact that no one outside of the academy knows who Zukofsky is: What this means is that the fans owe it to their audience and each other and to the audience outside the walls of the university to explain what’s so great about their...

Everybody’s Autonomy

I’m reading Spahr’s Everybody’s Autonomy and loving it. What a lucid, accessible and intelligent academic writer. I’m fascinated by the discussion of accessibility, and of course thinking of Stein as an immigrant writer, the detailed comparisons of sentence structures to that of ESL speakers. There’s clearly some kind of connection…but more as I read. Here’s...

belladonna* May, Zinc Bar

Martine Bellen & Karen Weiser Another great belladonna last night. I know Martine Bellen, who also teaches at Rutgers, but hadn’t heard of Karen Weiser. Loved her reading and look forward to her new work. Here’s an intriguing snippet from Lungfull. Martine read from a new chapbook, as well as from the belladonna chapbook–a do-si-do–one...

Virginia Woolf’s Lighthouse

The ongoing battle to save Woolf’s lighthouse, or “the lighthouse” at the center of To The Lighthouse. I wondered if this was the trigger for Jeanette Winterson’s Lighthousekeeping, which has a rather pointed blend of references to both Marilyn Robinson’s Housekeeping, and the Woolf novel. But I digress: By Chris Court and Sam Marsden, PA...

Banning Hoodies on the Mossy Isle

Unbelievable…they’re banning hoodies? I’ve recently fallen in love with this particular fashion. Once the hood is up and the sunglasses are on one can glide anonymously through the subways undetected. So now I’m a hood? “I’m wearing a hood, and I’m not even a thief,” said one teen in Liverpool in a CBC interview. “I’m...

Gertrude Stein

Saw the portrait at the Met on Sunday, and the face really is intense. Here’s her portrait of Picasso…can’t recall which came first but I’ll get back to you on that. And here’s a little something else, thanks to UPenn: Gertrude Stein, “Reflections on the Atomic Bomb” (1946) They asked me what I thought of...

Diane Arbus at the Met

Two Ladies at the Automat, 1966. Diane Arbus. What’s immediately shocking about this exhibit is how familiar these images are. And the curators know this. The first dozen images or so are her most famous. Things go more chronologically otherwise. The earlier photos–such as this one here in NY, and others on benches, in parks,...

Max Ernst

Max Ernst at the Met. Okay, this was good. Amazing to see so much of the work. And though the paintings themselves are wonderful it’s the smaller collages and drawings that are wonderful to see up close and in the original.

Damien Hirst

Big pills…last time I saw these they were actually pills, at the Sensation Show at the Brooklyn Museum. Now they’re paintings of pills! Ah. I see. And yes, the paintings are kind of paintings of the pills. Approximate size etc. of the originals which is kind of nifty to see the sculptural product reverted to...

Swallow a finalist

Wow! A finalist in the Western Magazine Awards! I’m impressed, and it’s me…go figure. Here’s the breakdown: 6 Fiction presented by the Listel Hotel Craig Davidson “Rocket Ride” Event Matt Duggan “Semi-Wilderness” Prairie Fire Sina Queyras “Swallow” Prairie Fire Cathleen With “Carny” Humanist in Canada Wish me luck!

L Word dish

Weigh in on best/worst hair, seduction, wardrobe. Ya, just say it, whoever is dressing these ladies doesn’t deserve a good whipping… But leave Shane alone: her hair rocks.

Belinda Stronach

Wow, now there’s a woman with guts. Belinda Stronach crosses the floor to step to the plate for what she believes in. Now there may be some motives we’re not privvy to, but check out her speech for a dose of what makes Canada the kind of country we should all look up to.


Saw nearly a dozen shows this Saturday–waiting for film to come back and then I may scan a few shots if there are any of interest (I can’t wait to get my digital back!). The show I enjoyed the most was the Jasper Johns at Matthew Marks. I was impressed, and didn’t expect to be....

Caroline Bergvall

Listen to Gong, it’s fabulous. Well, they’re all fabulous. And come out and see Caroline at the Poetry Project Wednesday night.

Archaelogical sites in France

Wow! Who knew. You can take a virtual tour of the Caves of Lacaux.

Women of the Diner

Listening to a Mets game at the Washington Square Diner.

Lisa Jarnot, Black Dog Songs

A wealth of books has appeared this week. All of Laura Riding, Gertrude Stein’s How to Write and Juliana Spahr and Claudia Rankine’s Where Lyric Meets Language (heretofore only in library editions upon my desk!). Oh, and Lisa Jarnot’s Black Dog songs, which I’ve taken the following poem from. So far I’m enjoying the Jarnot,...

Life in nature

I couldn’t resist these pigs–the photo is from flickr blogger Al– Fifty. Check out her site for more wonderful, thoughtful photos of life on the farm. For more sows click here!

Laura Riding

Wow. How had I missed this woman? I have just come into possession of the collected poems, the stories, a reader, a biography…a wealth of material all published by Persea. I don’t know anything about her, other than Hogarth Press apparently published her first book. So, already I’m intrigued. This from Anarchism Is Not Enough:...

New Woody Allen movie

Oh, Woody! Apparently he has a good movie on his hands…and just in case you were wondering why he keeps making so many movies: “It’s not habit. It’s not for the money. It’s a distraction. In my regular life, I’m consumed by depression, anxiety and terror. When I’m making a movie I get to live...

Elmore Leonard

“I write them to find out what happens…I don’t write for anybody else.” So says Elmore Leornard in Today’s NYTimes. And just to illustrate what a master of characterization and dialogue he is this is what he gives us: “There’s one name in the phonebook who repairs typewriters,” Mr. Leonard said, adding, “he says he...

Hinterland Who’s Who?

Is there anything more Canadian than Hinterland Who’s Who? The opening few bars is enough to make me crave a tall glass of Nestle’s Quick and a re-run of Gilligan’s Island (which is not particularly Canadian, perhaps, or even particular to 1970s). But to keep up the Canadian legend I’ll add that the Nestle’s Quick...

Ariana Huffington

Bigger, badder, and more organized than before…who needs the dailies? Are we seeing the absolute crumbling of the media or is the left just being further relegated to the margins of mainstream?

New HOW2!!!

S T R A N G E L O O P S O F T H E I N F I N I T E======================================= Announcing the launch of How2 magazine’sexciting new Spring 2005 issue ======================== INCLUDING:Critical Feature on Nicole Brossard& Quebecois Feminist Subjectivity++ new work by Brossard and interview ++ articles by Jodi Lundgren,...

Huffington blogs

So is the blog thing out of control yet? David Duchovny, Rosie O’Donnell, and now Ellen Degeneres and John Cusack!

More on Atwood

I just can’t get enough of her…but I wonder what to make of this suggestion that a/ Atwood lacked critical analysis of her peers and her “reviews” are simply chatty discourse, and b/ that women no longer have to “defend their position” as writers. Can we really say that gender is no longer an issue...

L Word

What say you about the Tina/Bet story line? Will they or will they not? And what about Ossie Davis? Wow–a performance for the millenium. On the other hand, what about that wardrobe? We love Alice but who is dressing her? And do they drug her before they get that stuff on? Geez! And Bet, thank...

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Okay, Don’t Panic, the world is at an end but it isn’t without a sense of humor. And yes, when the whales leave you know things are dire…people call it mediocre, but I laughed…

Raft of my own

Where I’d rather be–even though a piece of my raft was drifting away. This is north of Whistler on a glacial lake. Too cold to swim, the only smart thing to do is float. Can’t remember the name of this lake–near Pemberton. I want to say it’s Lilloet Lake…

Dolls down under

,originally uploaded by egenerica. Check out this slideshow from egenerica…amazing stuff.

Doggy Store on Lexington

Here’s a snippet from the piece on pets in America in the NY Times Magazine this weekend: At the risk of drawing ire, I would like to suggest that there is something profoundly awry about the way our culture treats pets. To wit: We spend more money annually on pet-related supplies and services (an estimated...

Virginia Woolf’s Diary

Tuesday 28 May, 1929 I am not trying to tell a story. Yet perhaps it might be done in that way. A mind thinking. They might be islands of light–islands in the stream that I am trying to convey: life itself going on. The current of the moths flying strongly this way. A lamp &...

View from my window this morning

On those days they’re lucky enough to be walking by when the firehall bells go off…the fascination with firetrucks begins early and never seems to fade. For a slideshow of the Fire House–what they stop and wave at every day–click here.

Still & Otherwise

New chapbook coming from Greenboathouse!

Michal & Carla, Chelsea…hey you two, phone home!

Spring in the hood

Check out the hood! Today’s walk down Smith, up Court and back along State…lots of action, lots of planting. It’s annual greening day and State and Hoyt are in competition.Here’s a more in depth look at Brooklyn. I’m not finished with that slideshow, but it’s a start.