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silas & amanda

Pre-wedding celebration for Silas & Amanda. Silas, excellent poetry promoter and publisher of Nightwood Editions. Sonnet L’Abbe, Af Moritz, Adam Levin, Paul Vermeersch, Kitty from Brick Books and others cozied up at the Monarch south of College Street in Toronto’s Little Italy. The city is sweltering even as it gears up for Canada Day manana....

Coney Island Girl

Well that was fun. Caught the tail end of the Mermaid events. Lots of wet, sequined merfolk up and down the boardwalk. Lots of squealing and face-stuffing as well. Corn dogs, clams, and the Cyclone…Slideshow coming. (This photo by Ruth!)Okay, here’s the slideshow.

Poets & Writers Bash

Poets & Writers Bash,originally uploaded by lemon hound. Bash indeed. More photos to come, but 3 for now. Open bar, lots of youngsters with cocktails, and well, it was a good time. Met a few folks I had never met before–Major Jackson was one who I found particularly charming and now must get his book...

Poets & Writers Magazine

Open Field is one of the poetry books to check out this summer. So says Poets & Writers Magazine. So, need I say more? Must I shamelessly self-promote? Go read it! In a complete coincidence I will be going to the P & W bash at the Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night. The Jonathans (Lethem ,...

Jeanne Beaumont

Curious Conduct is a great second book. It’s much more experimental than Jeanne Beaumont’s first book, Placebo Effects, which I also really enjoyed. Hers is a playful, intelligent voice, completely and quietly confident. She’s a poet who makes a decision and sees it through. That makes Curious Conduct a difficult book to put down. Beaumont’s...

The Snail Garden

at one with nature 036 2, originally uploaded by lemon hound. Well, it isn’t poetry, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with this snail…it was a great model.


Also in attendance last night was Orlan, who slipped into the Silo in the middle of the sound performances, and slipped out again before they were over.

Kenneth Goldsmith

Was finally able to hear Kenny Goldsmith read. He followed two sound poets, the first, Parisian artist Dominique Petitgand, was absolutely lovely. A blend of sound, text, and narrative. Moving and ambient. The second, sound sculptor Michael Graeve, with a dozen or so old turntables, produced sounds that culminated in an experience of feeling like...

Flower pot urinals

Are we ready for this? I don’t know guys, would it feel good to piss into an orchid? A Calla Lilly? If the artist could just get rid of the plumbing itself I could get behind putting these things all around the city, in Central Park, on the Lower East side. I don’t want to...

Gender inclusive crab

From the Washington Post, a half male, half female crab has scientists pondering the inevitable: “It’s possible that it already mated with itself,” he said. Before turning over the crab to the scientists, Johnson and other watermen conducted their own experiment into its sex life, with bewildering results. They dropped a female crab, which was...

Coney Island.

In Fine Form

Kate Braid and Sandy Shreve have done a great job with this anthology. It’s comprehensive, instructive, and energetic. There are plenty of surprises here too. This epigram from Dorothy Livesay put me in mind of Stevie Smith: GOING TO SLEEP I shall lie like this when I am dead–But with one more secret in my...

Can there really be good

Vancouver’s slums

Is Vancouver ever going to be able to deal with the poverty and despair of the lower east side? Now they have the shit floating up in their face and still…I suppose at the very least we can say that Canadians don’t sweep it under the carpet, or across the bridge as seems to be...

Gertrude Stein on Ebay

Things are winding down now but they’ve had quite a Steinfest on Ebay this past week. There’s everything from bizarre mugs with Stein’s face, to a copy of The World is Round. I admit to being tempted by a first edition of Everybody’s Autobiography, but it was of course, too much for mere mortals to...

Ron Silliman takes a look at Open Field

And it’s a fair assessment. Some day I may well respond to some of the questions he raises, but not for now. At the moment it’s just nice to hear a little discussion about the incredible poetry going on north of the border.

CBC rocks

Check out CBC radio 3’s slick visuals and a sexy podcast. Really, we’ve come a long way since Finkleman’s 45s.

Ubu Over

This from UBU.COM. A wellspring of poetics that is indespensible to contemporary poetry. >>UbuWeb | 1996-2005 Dear Friends, The UbuWeb Project — a decade-long experiment in radical distribution of avant-garde materials — has finished. Founded in 1996, the project has been a success beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. As of Spring, 2005, it averaged over 10,000...