Poets & Writers Bash

Poets & Writers Bash
Poets & Writers Bash,
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Bash indeed. More photos to come, but 3 for now. Open bar, lots of youngsters with cocktails, and well, it was a good time. Met a few folks I had never met before–Major Jackson was one who I found particularly charming and now must get his book and catch up. My date, David Groff, was elegant as always. We noshed on olives and I had a whole conversation with Francine Prose that consisted of raised eyebrows. Billy Collins was distracted by a bevy of very young things–oh, and reminded me that he is part Canadian (yes, Billy, but what part?). Lots of excitement about Open Field, which is released generally early July. (Really, we’re in danger of becoming the flavour of the season down here…) The PBQ folks were there, as were the belladonna folks (link to photos down below). It was elbow to elbow and the bartenders were spinning on their heels… Jen Benka rocks, oh, and so does the Bowery Ballroom.

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