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My summer of love. This was recommended more than once, and while it was certainly well done, I can't say that it was enjoyable. Lesbian she-devil casting her spell. Evil lurking in teenage romance.


Wow. I had never been so close to these babies as we were yesterday, tacking back and forth across English Bay. Containers of goods spoiling one supposes, while the truckers battle it out... Bummer for all those kiddies who won't get their school supplies on time! Who knew they arrived on these ships??More sailing photos....


Back on the west coast. Never left coast. Leftist of coasts. Subduction zone. Blinding all around and nowhere, wondering about a center. Full moon sea wall walk Wednesday. Wow. Welcome home.

Hejinian obsession

The profusion of fake blogs makes me scratch my head...what's up with that? I can imagine being obsessed with a text. And I can imagine posting it (I love clicking onto Samuel Pepys diary for instance). What I can't imagine is posting it anonymously.


I'm quite drunk on colour these days...I just want to ingest it, there's no other way to describe it. Perhaps it's some kind of vitamin deficiency? Or just being in Toronto? (Ouch, two whacks on the head by my Toronto friends...) This is Anne's new Hibiscus which I planted on her patio. There are more...

Difference between Poetry and Prose

The question of the difference between poetry and prose is a persistant one, and an important one to wrestle with at some point in any reader or writer's lifetime. I'm always interested in finding the edge of whatever genre I'm engaged in at the moment, whether it's a script or a poem. To my mind...

Colour at the AGO

Great show on at the AGO. The Shape of Colour: Excursions in Colour Field Art, 1950-2005, takes the viewer on a tour of the last half century's fascination with colour and form. Artists such as Mark Rothko, Frank Stella, along with folks such as Ellsworth Kelly and Agnes Martin, a Canadian artist who spent much...

Still & Otherwise

If you know anything about Greenboathouse, you know that they make beautiful books. I'm happy to say that Still & Otherwise is due out this month. Check out the boathouse.

Andre kertesz

Another great show at Stephen Bulger, always a first stop when I get to Toronto. And last weekend, despite the horrific heat, I paid a visit to Queen West to see Andre Kertesz's photographs at the new gallery. The gallery sports a gorgeous flat-panelled wooden door, but otherwise is simple, even a bit smaller. I...

Poets Talk, by Pauline Butling and Susan Rudy

This is a fantastic book! I bought it this weekend and immediately read the Erin Moure, Daphne Marlatt, Fred Wah, and Robert Kroetsch straight through... The conversation is intimate and informative, not condescending, but challenging and critical in a feminist and humanist sense. The electrical current of the questions should be a sharp reminder to...