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Carla Harryman @ Segue

Carla Harryman at the Bowery Segue Reading Series Saturdays 4-6

Thoughts on Writing: Nicole Brossard

I write to make a statement of presence in language. In order for the alive to win out.Writing can be done only in a body to body encounter with language, no doubt in involves listening as well, the emotion of making oneself available to one’s inner voice. I have always made writing a place of...

Random Posts, Matrix, Brossard, Ian Curtis, 24 Hour Party People, Wayde Compton, Zolf, Bachinsky, Beaulieu, Goodwin, Carson, Joy Division and more

Apologies for the increasingly random posts. For some reason deadlines seem like magnets for other deadlines which seem like magnets for upstart combustions and implosion of various natures, expenses and irritations. I will say that some reading highlights include the collection of essays on Nicole Brossard, edited by Louise Forsyth and published last year by...

Ask and ye shall receive…more bp Nichol

More bp Nichol on the U Penn site: bp Nichol Audio Archive, ed. Lori Emerson This is great news. But someone, please, create a similar site dedicated to Canadian poets and poetics. Is there funding out there for this? It would go a long way to making this, and new experimental work, more visible and...

Philadelphia Story

Screen shots of a classic. Couldn’t help myself.

The Chittendens

Catherine Sullivan’s new installation at Metro Pictures is well worth seeing. The Chittendens, a five-channel video, explores gesture by assigning a set of “attitudes”, as the artist describes it, to 16 actors. Using a remarkable score by composer Sean Griffin the videos present rhythmic patterns of distinct and random gestures…an exploration of “the constraints and...

Film adaptation I’m most eager to see

Tristam Shandy, is due at theaters in NY on the 27th, and in a rare move, one reserved only for Woody Allen movies (I’m like Charlie Brown to Lucy’s football when it comes to Woody…), I plan on catching it opening night. It looks delicious. Very exciting. Finally someone doing something innovative! And of course...

Strange bedfellows

No, it isn’t strange to follow Wordsworth with Stein, but it is strange to have a “Rat Snake” take to its dinner. At a Tokyo zoo a 9 cm dwarf hamster has taken up with a 1.2 meter rat snake. Officials presented the hamster to the finicky snake in an attempt to get it to...

TS Eliot Turns Blue

Isn’t this the second woman to win the TS Eliot Poetry Prize? Good lord, what’s happening to us. While I can’t claim to be a fan of Carol Anne Duffy, I can content myself with gender winning out. Though what I’d like to see is some more innovative work appearing on the mainstream shelves of...

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