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The Hound reads with Nicole Brossard

Nicole Brossard launches Fluid Arguments, a book of essays, and the paperback edition of the GG-nominated Yesterday, at the Hotel Clarendon. With readings by Susan Rudy and Sina Queyras. At This Ain't the Rosedale Library (483 Church St., Toronto). May 30th, 7:30 pm.

Eva Hesse

There are two Eva Hesse shows on in New York at the moment, one at the Drawing Center, and one at the Jewish Museum.

Andrea Zittel

Critical Space, now on at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, is Andrea Zittel's first major show. For over a decade she has been investigating "lifestyle" with more intensity than the average scientific mind. In fact, Zittel might be to "domesticity," what Serra is to a steelworker: the far end of the imagined possibility. Beds...

Richard Serra, The Gagosian

Richard Serra is one of the giants of contemporary art, and regularly shows new work at The Gagosian. This latest is more fragmented than the last show I saw: a sculpture tall and curved as the bulk of a ship--one of those lonely rusted ships Edward Burtynsky photographs. I still don't know how they got...

Kitchen Stories

Loved this. It's a terrible trailer (movie trailer, the trailers in the movie are excellent...), but the movie is fantastic.

Lisa Robertson, The Men: A Lyric Poem

Lisa Robertson and Carol Mirakove closed the Segue Reading Series at the Bowery on Saturday, and what a finale it was. I had never heard Mirakove before, and will definitely watch out for her work. Robertson on the other hand, I've heard several times, and always with pleasure. Her latest offering, The Men, is vintage...

Tonya Foster

Tonya Foster, co-curator of Seque, introduced Carole Mirakove, and herself as it turns out. I knew nothing of her, but was taken by the thoughtful, precise introduction. Wonderful energy, and wonderful poetry. You can hear Foster read here.

Excerpt from Lemon Hound

At Ukula, a new site. Check it out.

Andrea Zittel

A busy, busy week, but posts on Eva Hesse, Andrea Zittel (thanks Stacy Szymaszek), and Richard Serra to come.