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Monthly archive June, 2006

Moure on community

Of course if one is thinking about community/citizen/consumer one must also be thinking about Moure, particularly the trilogy--Sheephish Beauty/Civilian Love, Frame of the Book, and O Cididan. And yes, lets talk about those. But lets start with Furious--or at least I'm going to start there, because it was my introduction to Moure. Posts to come...

More on Community

...the individual is merely the residue of the experience of the dissolution of community. By its nature--as its name indicates, it is the atom, the indivisable--the individual reveals that it is the abstract result of a decomposition.Jean Luc Nancy The Inoperative CommunityCapitalism and fragmentation...the dissolution of community. Citizen/consumers. Borderless is not a reality (realty).One must...

Arbitrariness has to do with a generation which has been brought up on shopping for ideas

This last quote from Zaha Hadid and below Robertson's elaboration:Could we differentiate like this in writing please? Could we recognize that arbitrariness is not in itself liberatory? Is arbitrariness truly attractive? How far can randomness go? How could a text partially occupy a site? By scrupulously pursuing a logic it thus transforms to an abstract...

Lisa Robertson blogging this week!

Check it out. By the way, Lisa, yes, I'll report on the Zaha Hadid show. And the Eva Hesse too, in short order.

the hound reads at Cornelia Street

Friday, 6pm. $6 bucks gets you a drink and an earful.Followed by open mic. Sign up early.Cornelia Street Cafe is of course on Cornelia Street, in the village.

More Philly

the hound at hanks

Rampant development, Oversized rats

Someone, somewhere is having this precise thought. Now. Or now. They are thinking it as they peel away a bit of knee-scab. Remnants of a library tumble. The fringed skin. Or now on a train to Rangpur, tugging on his hair, or ear, sucking in his right cheek, thinking why am I not original?