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One step closer to the hum…a woman after my heart

Jane Siberry is divesting herself of the administrative nightmare that making art can become. Talk about getting closer to the source, my fantasy, let it all go, just slip into the hum…go girl.

heading to the library, haverford

Edward Burtynsky

One Canadian artist who needs little introduction these days is Edward Burtynsky, whose work tracing commodities, the reversal of production on a global scale, was an instant classic. Now there is a new documentary film about Burtynsky. There is something thoroughly modernist about Burtynsky’s work, the grand scale, the glorious detail, a kind of unwieldy...

Meanwhile back in the “duh” category of news

IRAQ WAR FUELS TERROR–US REPORTThe Iraq conflict has become a “cause celebre” for Islamic militants worldwide, declassified parts of a US intelligence report say.The war has helped recruit “supporters for the global jihadist movement,” the National Intelligence Estimate says.

The trouble with fiction

Is actually folks like Jonathan Franzen, not the other way around buddy… A thoughtful essay on the whole bruhaha. Thinking lately of the top ten American novels in the past 50 years and it occurs to me that the problem is novels…American’s seem to do the short story better.

Places I wish I were now

Always pining for something I am. How about Venice for the architecture bienalle? Or soaking here, thinking about nothing other than perhaps distant ancestors. Or back home on the west coast, but the westest of the west, here, not so much as a scrap of paper, or a word in sight… Or in the landscape...

Quotes of the week, problematic and otherwise

You decide: What I want–when all is said and done–is a poem which acts as a palpable coffin…–Lucie Brock-Broido I wish I could tenderly lift from the dark side of history, voices that are anonymous, slighted—inarticulate.–Susan Howe

siecle 21 no 9

Hot off the press: a feature on both the Anglo and Francophone literatures of Canada in Siecle 21, a journal of literature out of Paris. This dossier was selected by Marilyn Hacker, Marie-Claudette Kirpalani and Florence Trocme. Translations by a variety of individuals. It’s always difficult to provide a snapshot of a people’s literature, particularly...

Interesting, but it’s not literature

Call for submissions from KSW. Is that a fabulous list below or what? Also check out the new issue of W Magazine which you can download here. Great piece by Aaron Peck, who is now in NYC and whom I intend to meet shortly, as well as work by Fred Wah, Lisa Robertson, Jeff Derksen,...

Lisa Robertson, NY 2006

Jeanne Beaumont, Afraid So

Afraid Soby Jeanne Marie Beaumont from Curious Conduct Is it starting to rain?Did the check bounce?Are we out of coffee?Is this going to hurt?Could you lose your job?Did the glass break?Was the baggage misrouted?Will this go on my record?Are you missing much money?Was anyone injured?Is the traffic heavy?Do I have to remove my clothes?Will it...

Oh boy, here we go… Researchers decode genome of tree for first timeAssociated PressWASHINGTON — Researchers have deciphered for the first time the genetic code of a tree, which could lead to new varieties better at producing wood, paper and fuel. The work could vastly increase cultivation of the black cottonwood, a fast-growing poplar already...

Quote of the week

“There are 360 degrees. Why confine ourselves to one?”-Zaha Hadidhttp://www.guggenheim.org/hadid/index.html

Midtown after Midnight

The Enron Movie

Amazing. All the worst of the corporate world and handled so well it’s both entertaining and informative and REALLY DISGUSTING!! Trailers and mini review by AO Scott here: http://movies2.nytimes.com/gst/movies/movie.html?v_id=308089

Love Unpunished

Damn I love theatre. I’ve been looking forward to this play for a while now. It’s my first Philadelphia theater experience and it bodes well in general. The gutsy production, the excellent set design, and the quality of the acting were all very satisfying. Pig Iron, I’ve been told, is the most interesting theater company...

Quote of the week

“Figured out why, oh, 83% of poetry leaves me cold — 83% of poets have writing professors as their imaginary readers.”Jordan Davis

Age of ConsentAh the boys…but I’ve had this song in my head for days…

Broken Social Scene – I’m Still Your Fag

the offering: late summer

Quote of the day…

I am a runaway girl…basically I am a runaway girl from my father… if a girl have…. le desire de plair is the same as the fear to displease… to love and be loved is the opposite of fear…opposite. Louise Bourgeois

Online Journals

Melancholiastremulousdreadlocks features Nathalie Stephens and rob mclennan as well as Maxine Chernoff, Aaron Belz, Brian Henry and others. Have you checked out the latest issue of HOW2? Always provocative, always engaging, and an essential stop on the net for this poet. Check out UK poets Lydia White, and Sophie Robinson, translations of contemporary Chinese poets...

Go Margaret!

If it’s September it must be time for a new book by the fabulous Margaret Atwood, who at 66 shows no sign of slowing down. She does however, as her spot on Rick Mercer’s show proves, know that the art of deflection has many uses. The good news is that the new book is a...

Rick Mercer Report – Conservative Ad #2

Conservative Ad #2

End of the week notes

Honor Code. My temporary world. Cycling back from the college today I wound up outside the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum (which I haven’t even been to yet! so much to discover!) just in time to see the motorcade pull up and who was there? Oh yes, Rocky Balboa getting a statue dedicated to...