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Monthly archive October, 2006


Ya you. You know who you are: go fuck yourself.-- Sir Hound

The irony of feminism

The sharpest irony of the everyday feminismturned out to be a unicorn after allAngry and QueerBecause Ampersand was the author of Male PrivilegeChecklist:this situation is dripping with irony.Feminism will never be a profitable…Other scholars have written about and criticized more extensivelyPumping Irony: The Construction of Masculinity in a Post-Feminist...In the following paper I argue that...

Smith Street, Brooklyn

CA’s project

CA & The Hound celebrate at a Diner...Isn't this a great idea... Of course the difference between prose writers and poetry writers is that FICTION writers would charge for this whereas poets, as usual, give it away.

Good God! The resemblence is uncanny! John Lennon's Face?"Keith Andrews (pictured) of Wavertree, Liverpool (England) was one of the first people to notice a strange simulacrum of John Lennon's face on a stone gatepost in Newcastle Road - the road where John Lennon was born in 1940. The gatepost was being stripped of its 40-year-layer...

Awesome woman of the week

This is a tough call for a new category of posting, but the inaugural award goes to Suzan-Lori Parks, playwright, muse, muse-lover, agitator, and individual. She does the work for the work, not for the reviews. She does the work that engages her, not what she thinks will be produced, or published. And sometimes that...

“All writing is atonement. I am always writing to make up for things I've done.”Alice Munro


Excellent poems in here from Mairead Byrne! And a great looking line up of chapbooks.

Not responsible for any belonging.-- Sign on the Chinatown Bus.

Poetry is a heartbreaker. -- Sign on the back of a mouse.