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Childhood landscapes #16

it ain’t easy being queer…

So imagine being a queer muslim. CA Conrad interviews Ashraf Osman about the recent Facebook fiasco. Meanwhile, the fabulous polygamous lesbian, Aunty Maiduguri, married four women and then had to flee the country’s harsh Sharia laws… P.S. Thanks for the facebook invitations all, but I’m not biting.

au contraire

On the other hand, what happens when all of those lenses turn outward?

Max Hirshfield, One shot

I came across Max Hirshfield’s One Shot project in the amazing Eyemazing magazine. He does one-shot street photography with willing participants who face the camera–I love this idea, the endless array of people, their shapes, sizes, patterns of clothes, contrasting with backgrounds. One gets a sense of the grand staginess of our daily world, the...

Candida Hofer

Still thinking about the landscapes of Elger Esser, contrasting them to Edward Burtynsky, which is probably not fair. But thinking of how photographers deal with space–and why a photograph may be the appropriate mode of capturing space in our uncontainable present, or perhaps (and here I’m thinking of Rachel Whiteread among others) more accurately, our...

narcissism is all the rage, remix

“We do not lack communication. On the contrary we have too much of it. We lack creation We lack resistance to the present.” Deleuze/Guattari, What is Philosophy?Nothing is new in photography. Well, not the mirror image, and really, how can you beat yourself for a subject? You’re everywhere you go, you’re evasive, mysterious, yet endlessly...

Genius, c’est moi

The art of blurbing.

Sante D’Orazio at Stellan Holm, Mona Kuhn at Cowles

Well, above we have the clothed “good” girl images, I won’t include the “bad,” or wait, has that whole binary changed? No? Phew. Katlick School, at Stellan Holm, sets out to explore that most original and daring of territories–the Catholic schoolgirl. Shocking, no? There she is in her little plaid skirt, posing for you under...

Zoe Strauss at Silverstein in Chelsea

Zoe Strauss has been making heads spin for several years now. In a recent piece in Art on Paper she talks about life in Philadelphia, a city with edges as rough as they are smooth. It isn’t life at Rittenhouse Square, or the mainline that Strauss focuses on however, but South Philly, a predominantly working...

Walter De Maria at Gagosian

Yes, I mean that Walter De Maria, The Lightning Field, Walter De Maria. Growing up with a father who liked to machine things, I feel warmly toward a room filled with 42 solid stainless steel polygonal rods (each rod 3.5 inches in diameter and 1 meter long). Far more beautiful than anything my father could...

Leonardo Drew at Sikkema Jenkins

Leonardo Drew at Sikkema Jenkins.

Andreas Hofer at Metro Pictures

Usually I prefer to write about artists that have either moved, or inspired me, but that can’t happen all the time. Andreas Hofer’s recent show at Metro Pictures, for example, did not inspire. Munich born Hofer’s New York debut consisted of largely dark and as the press release describes it, “haunting and hallucinogenic.” The only...

Solar farms??

I would like to be excited about recent news in both the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star, of integrating solar power into the Ontario energy system. Would like to, however I can’t imagine a worse way of doing so than losing more precious green space for the project. It’s a good idea in theory,...

Elger Esser

Photo from Sonnabend Sonnabend Gallery never disappoints. In the madness of the week the large, soft, land and seascapes offered a momentary calm. Elger Esser, a German born photographer, looks at natural landscapes in France–sea and land. Something about the French landscape seems to tempt people toward soft focus. Reminiscent of those 1980ish photographs by...

Jeff Wall at Moma (still in progress)

Photo by Bob, “Storyteller looking at Storyteller,” The Met, NY 2005 I’ve written about Jeff Wall before–a brief mention of his show at the Tate Modern last year, among others. After seeing Wall’s most recent show at MoMA in New York last week I realized that while I’ve been posting these text-less childhood landscapes since...

David Suzuki

David Suzuki, originally uploaded by johnwmacdonald. Earth Day 2007. Things are not looking so good…despite the recent green issue of Vanity Fair with Leo frolicking with a Polar Bear cub… If the climate crisis doesn’t make the hair on the back of your neck stand up you can’t have a soul. The New Economy is...

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BBC World Service round table on climate change. The business of Climate Change.

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