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Monthly archive May, 2007

Alice Notley, Part 1

Alice Notley has had a few very big years. Recent publications include a collection of essays, Coming After (U of Michigan 2005), Grave of Light: New and Selected Poems, 1970-2005 (Wesleyan 2006), and Alma, Or The Dead Women (Granary 2006). I've been wanting to write about the new and selected for some time now, but...

Who sees Canada?

I've been curating this pool of Canadian photography on flickr. Early days still, but it's worth a look. How's that for a ringing endorsement?You could try listening to that with a podcast from CBC Radio 3.Or a special podcast on the Canadian dictionary, eh.

Laugh of the week

Oh, I did need a laugh this morning...and out takes.or George Bush on global warming.

Ya, funny, funny.

Environmental news of the week

Wow. If poetry could do this. Think about the other "90 %" of the planet.I would love to see the Haida give the oil patch a run for its money.When I heard about plans to put solar panels on farm land in Ontario I couldn't believe it...who would okay such a plan? Solar panels on...

Million Poems Show Bowery Poetry Club

The Hound will be one of tonight's guests."For the finale of season three for New York's best-loved poetry talk show, host Jordan Davis and house band Franklin Bruno (The Human Hearts, Nothing Painted Blue, Mountain Goats) welcome poets Sina Queyras and Chris Toll, and cabaret sensation Poor Baby Bree. Interviews, poetry, performance, spontaneous collaboration --...

Joshua Clover, The Totality for Kids

I posted briefly on Joshua Clover in my Three Joshuas (Beckman, Clover, Corey) mini-review last year. I was taken with Clover's The Totality for Kids, and wanted to spend more time with it before going on at length. Partly this is because I want to resist being taken in by the sheen, and by the...

"Moments" now on ars poetica. Thanks, Dan. Great project compiling poems that reflect a poet's poetics.

Grizzly Man is George Bush

Finally watched Grizzly Man, the Werner Herzog docu/film depicting the life of Timothy Treadwell. Well, that is to say I watched what I could--long descriptions of body parts didn't seem that interesting, and it was painful to watch someone as delusional as Treadwell, who, like the McCandless we encounter in Jon Krakaeur's Into the Wild...

here again…