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Monthly archive June, 2007

2 poems from Evie Shockley

cause i’m from dixie too i am southern hear me roar i am burning flags bearing crosses i am scarlett and prissy like a piece of carmine velvet at christmas don’t know nothing bout birthin no rabies so don’t come foamin at my mouth i am miss dixie and a miss is as good as...

Anne Simpson & Sonnet L’Abbe

Anne Simpson and Sonnet L'Abbe have a few things in common: they are both included in Open Field: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets, they are both published by McLelland & Stewart, they both take risks, and they both win prizes. The similarities stop there.Quick, Simpson's third collection of poetry and follow up to Loop, which won...

Poem from Shane Rhodes

To Elizabeth BishopHere is a coast. Here is a harbour.Here is beach sand. Here is owned land.Here is an economist. Here is a fine mist.Here is a dock. Here is a flock of birds.Here is a trade. Here is a woman in labour.Here is trade. Here is a woman’s labour.Here is a border zone. Here...

Ghostly bp

Ghostly bp, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

Much in process…

...but no time to finish. Perhaps it's time to shelve things for the summer? Meanwhile, for a soothing bit of eye candy check out the books & portraits pool I've been curating on Flickr.

In conversation with Zoe Strauss

(Photograph by Zoe Strauss)If you reading this fuck youZoe Strauss is a self-taught photography-based installation artist. She lives and works in Philadelphia where she was born (at Pennsylvania Hospital, the nation's first), and with the exception of a brief sojourn in Nevada, where she was raised. Strauss comes from a close-knit family. Her parents both...

Kate Greenstreet, Case Sensitive

Every other day Kate Greenstreet blogs over at Kickingwind. She has also curated a series of first book interviews. A daunting, and exciting, list of new books appearing daily. Daunting because one wonders how one will ever get to them all, and exciting of course because one will attempt. The first book interviews would make...

David Altmejd

David Altmejd is representing Canada at the Venice Biennale, and as far at the Globe & Mail is concerned, he's causing quite a stir. I had the pleasure of seeing Altmejd's work while in Montreal last month and was not so impressed. But, I wasn't seeing it in Venice. Nor was I seeing it at...

Nibbling in other fields, 3

FiveI watch the sunlight drip behind the straighthigh chunk of office block. The avenue tenses,like a face. It’s the blurred half-hour of non-alibiswhen no one’s claim to be any placemight stick. Lobbies roll the sped-up film reelsof people through revolving doors, and collectorlanes circulate like lazy pin-wheels.It’s the blurred half-hour of possibility, whenwork’s the scapegoat...

New Issue of How2

Always an event, the latest issue of How2 has more from Jena Osman's ongoing essay-poem about public statues carrying weapons in Philadelphia, notes from the Pressure to Experiment Conference in England, the Barbara Guest memory bank, and so on! Always inspiring.

Pro-consumerism, Pro Kenny

You have to love Kenneth Goldsmith who continues to stir it up over at the Poetry Foundation website. It's in response to Time Magazine's recent call for poetry to be "interesting" again. What is interesting indeed. Certainly the two poets Goldsmith serves up.

Latvian Happy Hour

One of the great Philly secrets.