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Monthly archive November, 2007

Weekly wrap up

The Poetry Foundation seems to be shaking off its cobwebs… This week it features a podcast with Rae Armantrout, and then it discovered Flarf–also on podcast. Lets hear it for inappropriate (as in flarf). Perhaps this is the only possible response to all that faux (not that people realize it’s faux) sincerity we endure in...

Quote of the week

Some days I think that if the art world were as conservative as the poetry world is we wouldn’t have even arrived at Picasso yet… Please follow and like us:0

The year’s most exciting writing….

We become our lines, originally uploaded by lemon hound. The lists have already begun to appear…best novels of 2007, best books of 2007, favorite books, most notable, best selling books… These lists make me a little crazy. There’s rarely any context for them and they don’t usually say very much about the books themselves. The...

CRITICAL MASS: Introducing the NBCC’s Best Recommended

CRITICAL MASS: Introducing the NBCC’s Best Recommended Yet another list that reveals little (a little?) diversity…at least in terms of poetry. Please follow and like us:0

Talking with software

Human: very funny.ALICE: I’m glad you find this amusing.Human: I’ll let you go then.ALICE: I am very happy for you.Human: …and several pink things descended.ALICE: How many?Human: Whatever, with beef.ALICE: You and your beef.Human: if it’s night time, you should…ALICE: I’m not sure I understand the implication of that.Human: Sleep!ALICE: Do I look like it?Human:...

Something passing

Something passing, originally uploaded by lemon hound. Please follow and like us:0

Happy Days

Something passing, originally uploaded by lemon hound. From Patricia Rozema’s film version of Happy Days with Rosaleen Linehan. “Blond for preference….”A few choice lines from actors who have portrayed Beckett’s Winnie over the years… Winnie is like all these Irish women who are widows even before their husband’s death.–Aideen O’Kelly Once, when I was very...

Here’s the Vancouver no one wants to talk about….

Raven and Jason. Please follow and like us:0

Sandra Alland, a few words and three poems

Sandra Alland, Blissful Times, BookThug, 2007 LH: From one Beckett fan to another, wow and where did you get the nerve to enter into Beckett’s text? SA: Thanks! Though to be honest I never thought of it as brave. I thought of it as engaging with a text and writer I connected with, yet also...

Two poems from Chris Banks

WASTE: A POETICS The line, the line, the line, the line, the line, the line. Who gives a god-damn. Not the garbageman collecting the city’s refuse. Such a waste, he thinks, and every block or so, a church, and every few driveways, a few kids riding their bicycles. And although the churches are empty because...

An Elegy from the Romanian of Nichita Stanescu, by Elisa Sampedrín

as conveyed by Erín Moure Sheepish Elegy opting for the real I carry such frenzy i’m nervous, my green limbs galvanize and won’t perish in amnesia. No more does stone own me, nor will i carry one last cutting battle to the grave of stones, but cut it repeatedly free of the machines. It is...

Zoe Strauss, limited editions

Hey all, Zoe Strauss is offering up some work for sale through her website. If you haven’t heard of her yet, you will, no doubt. Here is an interview I did with Strauss in Philly earlier this year. Please follow and like us:0


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