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“The only failure is no love.” ca conrad

Have you discovered the Artfag? There is a manifesto and much bite. Bookmark that site, along with Akimblog, for the latest on contemporary Canadian art.

Very much looking forward to Generation, which opens at the Art Gallery of Alberta this weekend. The Hound finally treks up to Edmonton for a reading at the U of Alberta late February.

And for those of you who also missed One Yellow Rabbit’s production Sylvia Plath Must Not Die, take a look at Denise Clarke embodying Anne Sexton and look for a remount near you.

The Hound slogged through the snow and bitter cold last night to attend a performance of Mike Oldfield‘s Tubular Bells, courtesy of the above mentioned OYR, Alberta Ballet and sundry. Four grand pianos, bodies flying through the air–it was a fabulous evening and the crowd responded uproariously with much footstomping etc. “Their Excellencies” were in attendance, which gave the evening an air of, well Excellencie. For you Americans, I’m referring to the Governor General of Canada, she who acts as a representative of the Queen. Not that Queenthis Queen. And yes, their was a whole lot of Calgary going on.

The High Performance Rodeo is nearing the end leaving the Hound barking, pawing and whining for more. Calgary has an impressive scene, fabulous venues and crazy innovative approaches…more on all that later.

Meanwhile in the land of poetry, Lisa Robertson and Christine Stewart read at the University of Calgary this week as well as Pages on Kensington where yours truly will introduce.

Lisa Robertson and Christine Stewart
Reading at PAGES Bookstore in Kensington
January 22, 7:30 PM
Round-table Discussion at the University of Calgary, SS1339
January 23, 3 PM

Am I the only Lisa Robertson fan who missed bookthug’s reprint of The Apothecary last summer?

For a long time there were too few interviews with poets available. Now we’re making up for hat with sites such as this and this. Here’s a recent interview with Laynie Brown, who will read with The Hound at Test in Toronto and Buffalo the first week of March. Here is Brown talking about her new book, The Scented Fox:

There is a carefully scaffolded structure to the book and also a more unconscious one. The carefully arranged structure contains three books. The first is the level of the tale as roughly one page long and operates mostly at the level of the sentence or phrase. This is book one. The second book, Tales in Miniature, operates at the level of the word. So the focus becomes more compact. Each three word tale requires the reader to imagine the tale between the three words. The third level is even more exacting, and that is the level of the tale within each word in the Festoon Dictionary. The more unconscious or drifting structure is that of the letters, which often interrupt, interact or respond to the tales and the book of the traveling crystal, which appears by it’s own will within the text. Meaning to say, as characters and occurrences appear and disappear so does text, so do objects, etc.

Did you miss the piece on Zukofsky in the NY Times book Review?

Ran into Sheri D. Wilson who runs the Spoken Word Festival here in Calgary–and guess what? She just started a Spoken Word program at The Banff Centre. Bob Holman and Ian Ferrier will be on faculty. Application deadline February 15.

Artwise, an engaging discussion about painting, William S. Burroughs and Agnes Martin with Calgary painter Chris Cran, who recommends Chris Millar’s Welcome to the Burger Patch at Trepannier Baer. More on Chris Cran, and a report on Millar too.

Tom Cruise wants to save the world from “it” or “that” or “ethics” or well…yup it’s kinda scary.

The Hound thinks Dr. Phil is also scary…very scary. What was Oprah thinking?

Not as scary as the environment mind you…here’s Margaret Atwood on the Great Lakes and Christopher Dewdney on the sprawl. Kudos to the Toronto Star for the expansive section leading up to Earth Hour.

Last literary wishes. Nabokov left his final manuscript in tact and yet requested it burned…hm. Now his son is thinking of striking the match. Didn’t Woolf request her diaries be burned too? Very glad they weren’t.

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