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Teacher, originally uploaded by eob. Another from Books & Portraits Please follow and like us:0

The latest from Books & Portraits

Day 39: 365, originally uploaded by napalm nikki. “November 21: disjunct! performance series at Spartacus Books. Here I am with the lovely Natalie Zina Walschots, author of Thumbscrews.” –Napalm Nikki Please follow and like us:0

Bjork & PJ Harvey

Thanks to Brenda for the find… Dreams of Bjork would be good too… Please follow and like us:0

Bjork & PJ Harvey

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Do you dream of Oprah?

Here’s a repository for those dreams. Pass it on! Submit! http://idreamofoprah.blogspot.com/ Please follow and like us:0

Elbowtoe – Ad Hoc Poetry

Elbowtoe – Ad Hoc Poetry, originally uploaded by Reid Harris Cooper. Please follow and like us:0

More places to read….

Reading, originally uploaded by svenwerk. Library for the Faculty of Philology at the Free University Berlin, Germany(Architect: Norman Foster) From the Books & Portraits pool. And what to read? Well, the F. word is making a comeback. Susan Faludi on the post 9/11 backlash. An excerpt in the Gaurdian. Please follow and like us:0

So much talk between women

Women and poetry. They just never stop talking about it. Crowding up the comments boxes all over the internet. Tossing off opinions everywhere. Telling everyone else they’re wrong. Got it backward. Forgot the most important poet ever. Don’t know squat about this school or that. Mastheads overflowing with women. Women blogging about poetry and art....

Mark Bradford

Sikkema Jenkins & Co530 West 22nd StreetJanuary 17–February 23 A former hairdresser from Los Angeles, Mark Bradford seems to be causing considerable stir. His work resembles much worked over advertising surfaces one finds in subways and in out of the way urban spaces. The kind of space worked over by bored teenagers, smoothing foil from...

Flarf your ass baby…

Excuse us while we offend you…Poetry off the shelf takes a long look at flarf. Katie Degentesh from The Anger Scale Sharon Mesmer from Annoying Diabetic Bitch Jim Behrle “Legitimate Dangers” K. Silem Mohammad “Four Poems”Drew Gardner “Chicks Dig War” from Petroleum Jelly Please follow and like us:0

This Way To Pleasure

This Way To Pleasure, originally uploaded by aqui-ali. One more Seattle Public Library shot… Please follow and like us:0

Madame Tutli-Putli

Follow this link to unlock another frame of the Oscar nominated short on the NFB website. The film will be available for viewing on the 22nd (though it’s almost completely unlocked right now!). Follow this link for interviews with the creators. Please follow and like us:0


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