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Reading the script he thought it might be better to concentrate on the

Reading the script he thought it might be better to concentrate on the reading only, originally uploaded by Andreas W….

Vancouver Bound

Conceptual Poetry

Questions in response to Laynie Browne’s questionnaire for the symposium I wish I were attending. 1. What is conceptual poetry? I want to say that conceptual poetry is a poetry that relies on an external organizing principle that is very often “outside” of the text, and not always even attached to it. It’s a poetry...

Wall on Wall

This weekend in the Globe & Mail. The Hound on Wall at Moma here and here and other posts…

Jean Chretien & Baby Tattoo

Jean Chretien & Baby Tattoo, originally uploaded by johnwmacdonald.

How to Edit, Chains, Flatland

How to Write is one of Stein’s most invigorating books. A cheeky romp in her repetitive, disjunctive style, offering up rogue associations and peering under the grammatical kilt of English. It includes “Saving the Sentence,” “Sentences and Paragraphs,” “Arthur a Grammar,” “A Grammarian,” “Sentences,” “Regular Regularly In Narrative,” “Finally George A Vocabulary,” and my personal...

Alison Calder on Lahey and Canadian poetry

A fine review of Anita Lahey’s book by Alison Calder. I wrote about Lahey’s book in an essay in Gulf Coast Review, and discussed Calder’s book a few weeks back. They are both fine poets with strong books in the past year, so intriguing to see what the one says of the other. I offer...

To sonnet, to sonnet

There’s a new anthology of Canadian sonnets out and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Will it reflect the form’s flexibility? Its ability to be shaped by any and all poets who care to engage in the form? This morning I came across the following in David Trinidad’s new collection. Was I expecting to come...


volume, originally uploaded by nardell.

KI Press & Alice Major

Clearing up some of the dozens of dog-eared books stashed in my office at the U of C. Many of these won’t make it on to the blog, as I bury my head in my own work for the final six weeks of my Alberta tenure. Alice Major’s The Occupied World is deft and quick...

No Press

One of the reasons I was interested in coming to Calgary, and hence my decision to apply for the Markin Flanagan Residency, was Derek Beaulieu one of three editors of Shift & Switch, an anthology of new Canadian poetry published, I believe, the same year that my own anthology of Canadian poetry was published. At...