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Oh, Cate!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Deb Harris, wherever you are.

Talking with Derek Beaulieu, No Press

Earlier I queried the relationship between time and gender. Here’s one a poet who seems to bend time, or perhaps just use it well. beaulieu uses his time not so much in formulating opinions—though he has those—but in creating and supporting an active literary community that might cohere in Calgary but extends internationally. No Press...

roof-top poets

roof-top poets, originally uploaded by johnwmacdonald. Rock on, John and Jon.

Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Samuel Beckett, Play

Chapbook launch

Nineteen Short Stories by Samuel Beckett, Sina Queyras, No Press, 2008Thursday, June 19, 20087:30pm - 8:30pmPages Books1135 Kensington Road NW Calgary, ABBrief author Q&AQ:Why Beckett?A: Story oppresses me.Q: Yes but why Beckett?Can't imagine this being up for long; it's absolutely stunning. A favourite of the Beckett on Film series.

No more subsidies for dirty industry

Photo by Edward BurtynskyFeel free to email The Honourable Loyola Hearn and let him know what you think about losing sixteen pristine lakes to be used as tailing ponds. This is nothing more than a subsidy that allows companies to save money by polluting and not building proper containers for this toxic waste.A CBC investigation...

Not on my watch

CBC discloses plans to use 16 pristine lakes as toxic dump sites.How is that for a lack of imagination?

Vigdís Grímsdóttir, author

2I9E0129, originally uploaded by Eythor.