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Monthly archive July, 2008

Inukshuk Barbie

Inukshuk Barbie, originally uploaded by lemon hound. Absolute silliness. Please follow and like us:0

Good Morning Poetry lovers

Coconut is now online with poems from Rae Armantrout among others. Get it while it’s fresh. Here’s a snippet: So much happinessis cagedin language, readyto burst outanytime and fade and a snippet from Laynie Browne: What is benathe this cacauphonyis an unknown carraige’s depthso stepping in, you’ve gone belowthe level of the horse’s hoof. and...

Of matters pedagogical eco-critical and lyrical…

For those eco-poets out there, those of you who think of nature as a one-way concern, please check out How2‘s folio on eco-criticism. And if there is a woman, or man, or mouse out there who has yet to read Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto, get at it. No, you don’t have to love it. Yes...

Jacques Derrida, Fear of Writing

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Portrait of Susan Howe by Charles Bernstein

From Susan Howe’s My Emily Dickinson: In the college library I use there are two writers whose work refuses to conform to the Anglo-American literary traditions these institutions perpetuate. Emily Dickinson and Gertrude Stein are clearly among the most innovative precursors of modernist poetry and prose, yet to this day canonical criticism from Harold Bloom...

Sina Queyras and Carol Mirakove

Sina Queyras and Carol Mirakove, originally uploaded by amyhappens. The Hound is a big fan of Carol Mirakove as well, though you can’t tell from the photo–thanks Amy. I think this is after the group reading of Messages from History at Cornelia Street. You can find 5 poems from Mirakove in a recent issue of...

Poetry is generally very dull…Bukowski

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jwcurry, originally uploaded by johnwmacdonald. Please follow and like us:0

Vancouver Photography

Bill Jeffries, Glen Lowry & Jerry Zaslove, eds., Unfinished Business:Photographing Vancouver Streets 1955 to 1985 (Burnaby: West Coast Line, 2005) In June I walked into the Monte Clark Gallery on Granville Street and experienced an odd disconnect. I was seeing a densely populated urban illumination that was obviously an unfamiliar landscape, but it seemed very...

The Bookshelf.

The Bookshelf., originally uploaded by Charlie Jennings. Hm, in the spirit of Shawna Lemay’s Purse Project I would love to see photos of people’s bookshelves…with commentary of course. Any interest? Please follow and like us:0

Virgil, Georgics

Georgic I What makes the cornfield smile; beneath what star Maecenas, it is meet to turn the sod Or marry elm with vine; how tend the steer; What pains for cattle-keeping, or what proof Of patient trial serves for thrifty bees;- Such are my themes. * Not being a classics scholar I can’t give accurate...

More on lyric nature and the unexpected

Joshua Corey posted the procedings from an AWP Conference (the one in Vancouver to be precise), a while back and I’m still musing on some of his succinct observations (three or four levels removed from the daily thinking but one has satellites…). While I agree that there is “barely any distance to travel between Wordsworth’s...


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