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Of course there are many who make the world their salon…shall we do an inventory? I still think it would be a small, but fabulous, list. I could start with the blonde Janice Joplin in the parc this afternoon. There was no corner not reverberating with her voice and she didn’t give a shit if you wanted to listen. Is that a good thing? Because that’s the other question–how to take up space?

As for poets, a random undertaking, but I’ll start with Dodie Bellamy because Dodie (pictured here with Kevin Killian), is not interested in being a good girl. I’m sure this makes us good Canadian girls a little nervous. And though we might not be interested in being good girls either, and though we might like to swill Scotch, thump our breast and yawp, there’s something to the rumour that we’re basically “good girls,” and polite right? (Except my friend Kate who once smacked someone at a party in Philadelphia who insinuated as much…and Lynn Crosbie whom I will get to in a bit, and whom I would never dare suggest is a good girl though likely underneath all that bite she is too…and now I’ll try not to apologize…)

Anyhow, yes, probably titles such as Cunt Ups and Barf Manifesto would make the average Canadian she-poet uneasy. Which is why you should order them of course–stretch your unease. To start, you can read an interview here, and if you’re in Vancouver, you can catch Dodie at the Positions Colloquim that KSW is hosting this month. She has recently posted a video of Ariana Reines, whom I mentioned last week in my post on Coconut, and she will no doubt continue to illuminate and provoke. More on Bellamy when my copy of Barf Manifesto shows up in my mailbox.

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