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Gary Barwin, a few words and a poem

LH: I’ve been following your blog on and off for a few years now. I’m very intrigued by the tooth and deer series, which for some reason I find as disturbing as it is compelling. Can you tell me where the idea for this came from? GB: I’ve always had a fascination with deer, with...

Jason Dewinitz: Conversation ending with a poem

LH: Jason, thanks for agreeing to this little dialogue. I want to start by saying how much I enjoyed Greenboathouse, not only the beautiful chapbooks, but the website itself. There is a big gap in Canadian poetry now that your site is inactive. It was one of the few sites that one could click on...

Ryan Fitzpatrick reads Katie Degentesh

NO ONE CARES MUCH WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU when Serbs get mad, they talk about a small town like Grace Stop laughing; I’m serious Grace is all I can afford on my nursing home wages I pity her for the thankless job of building A nation of Americans conceived in petri dishes. Whores are disposable....

Wack! Parts of the Revolution were Recorded

Wow. Mixed reviews wherever this show goes, but you have to love the sweep of it. Everyone from Judy Chicago to Aganetha Dyck in the Vancouver version of this touring show, multimedia, performance, painting, photography, and yes, even macrame. Body, repetition, bondage, a little beaver, shades of politics not scene/seen since your local women’s bookstore...

Meredith Quartermain reads Margaret Christakos

queen (9-10 p.m., Eastern Standard Time) I was just trimming the beard about my sex(Sorry if you did not know royal women do this) And nipped in error the skin between my mound andThigh, a tissue cleavage as soft and unhurt As any among my husband’s old properties. An alcoholPad is there pressed, and stings...

Flash Back, Hinterland Who’s Who?

Why not contact the Canadian Wildlife Service, in Ottawa?

Zhang Huan, notes toward an essay on

Whenever someone tells me I’m intense, I think of conceptual artist Marina Abromovic, and one of my favorite discoveries of the past few years, Zhang Huan. I discovered the latter quite by accident, having already made my tour of Chelsea, and heading down 10th Avenue to the village I passed by Max Lang, a gallery...

Obama on Flickr

20081104_Chicago_IL_ElectionNight0987, originally uploaded by Barack Obama. Have you seen Obama’s flickr stream? Some of these look so much like Jeff Wall recreating the night…and there are other Obama related streams: message for obama, originally uploaded by happeningfish. The people have spoken…and they’re posting their photos about it too.

Brenda Schmidt reads Kerry Ryan

all day i wait all dayfor these ten minutesawake in our bed,your minted breath,lick of darkacross my eyelids,and the little clicksyour glasses makeas they’re foldedand set on the nightstand from Kerry Ryan’s The Sleeping Life For years it’s been my habit to spend the first part of each morning alone at my office window. With...

New Day

Jesse Jackson’s face seemed to sum up the night. Eight years of disconnect, decades more of neglect, an ugly knot is undone. Integrity makes a comeback. Congratulations everybody. Harlem. Kenya. Washington. Virginia.

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