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Christmas offering, with apologies

The chilled air stretchedcautiously under his wife.One by one, shades Pass boldly, full gloryof passion witherlocked heart lover’s eyes. Generous tears:such a feeling thicklypartial, young, standing under a dripping tree.Other forms were near.His soul where dwell the vast hosts of the dead,wayward and flickeringout into impalpable dissolving. Light taps upon the pane:sleepily the flakes, silveroblique...

Let it snow, let it snow

The Word, rue Milton, MontrealMont Royal looking west toward the mountain

Old Christmas Favourites

Avant Lyric, a few observations toward an essay, part one

Anyone who has read the anthology of Canadian poetry I edited a few years back, or has read this blog must know how much I love lyric poetry. They might also know that I love avant gard poetry, and L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry, sound poetry, visual and concrete poetry, formal and even new formalist poetry. In short,...

Upon reading a recent poem in a magazine she reognizes the difference between imaginative lyric poetry and what is purported not to be real poetry

As long as the title is clearly connected to the mid-section of the poem. As long as the eating of people is clearly a metaphor. As long as the idea of human longing is signaled early, best in the first stanza. As long as the question “What do you love?” appears. As long as there...

Chap book Round Up 2

JAKE KENNEDY, HAZARD Hazard (2006) won the bp Nichol chapbook award, and for good reason. As with Jay Millar and Kate Hall, this is a beautiful artifact. Not quite the same technical quality as a Greenboathouse chapbook, which can be a year in the physical making, but it is mindful of its materiality, a distinction...

Virginia Woolf reads K. Silem Mohammad

Formalism Doesn’t Kill People A curious poem this morning. You will note the title above from a poet I have never met. Strange tensions from the beginning. I am assuming, given the tone of the poem that the poem in question isn’t what the poet thinks of as “formalism.” I’m thinking too that Eliot might...

Chap book round up part one: Millar and Hall

JAY MILLAR, WOODS/PAGESJay Millar is quickly becoming one of Canada’s most ambitious publishers of poetry, with an impressive and diverse line-up including Elizabeth Bachinsky, Lisa Robertson, Nathalie Stephens and most recently, Steve McCaffery and Gertrude Stein. He is also the author of the small blue (2007), False Maps for Other Creatures (2005), Mycological Studies (2002),...

Jordan Davis reads Drew Gardner

Fixing a Real Phantom Limb with a special glove fits real life to a private message the abominable pixels that help people with snow. a lifetime watch battery for allowance encyclopedia soda, name and profession, I should be mimicking things context is vinyl I am, but that’s not me. refill packs drive home all night,...

The Governor General calls a Time Out

While Prime Minister Stephen Harper digs in and the leader of the Liberal party, the opposition, and now the “Coalition,” tries to get himself back in focus….

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