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Monthly archive February, 2009

Susannah M. Smith reads Walter Benjamin’s Archive

Walter Benjamin's Archive: Images, Texts, Sign, Verso 2007I don't know you, WB.I don't know you at all.I'm thinking of the way people seem to hear about you serendipitously, repeatedly.I'm thinking of the leather suitcase that disappeared after you died,its contents alleged but never located: postcards, a manuscript, a pipe, morphine.You are gone but you ghost...

Erin Wunker reads Sachiko Murakami

The Invisibility Exhibit, Talon 2008Sachiko MurakamiIn our post 9/11 world even (especially?) pronouns are risky. The difference between the already complex markers of me and you, us and them is increasingly great. It seems to me that as a woman, and academic, and a citizen of the world it is my responsibility to take more...

Quotes of the week

"I like the sort of lesbians one doesn't know are lesbians."--anonymous“I can’t help but dream about a criticism that would not try to judge but to bring an oeuvre, a book, a sentence, an idea to life…It would multiply not judgments but signs of life.”--Michel FoucaultMeanwhile in the Persian Gulf, girls will be boys.

“I can’t help but dream about a criticism that would not try to judge but to bring an oeuvre, a book, a sentence, an idea to life…It would multiply not judgments but signs of life.”--Michel Foucault

Oh that Jonny

This is a very funny book.

Michael Bryson: Fiction is Mystery

When I was younger, I thought that good reading leads to knowledge and that knowledge led to a deeper understanding of life, the world, the opposite sex, everything important. It can, of course, I still believe that, but it does something much grander – it leads to a more sustained sense of life’s mysteries. It...

Influency 6: Christakos is at it again!

INFLUENCY 6: A TORONTO POETRY SALONLARSON • QUEYRAS • PHILIP • DOWNIE •SOL • NICKERSON • SINCLAIR • HALLAPRIL 1 to June 10, 2009Wednesday evenings, 7 to 9:30 pmApril 1: Introductory Talk by Margaret ChristakosApril 8: Billeh NICKERSON on Jacqueline LARSON’s Salt Physic (Pedlar)April 15: Jacqueline LARSON on Sina QUEYRAS’s Expressway (Coach House)April 22: Sina...

AWP and Canadian poetry

Just back from a panel at AWP in Chicago that featured 5 Canadian poets: Carolyn Smart, Adam Sol, Chris Hutchinson, Alessandro Porco and myself. But, as one audience member noted, it was a decidedly unCanadian event. Or was it? My work and Adam Sol's work is set on the roadways of northeastern USA, Smart read...

Expressway’s first review

Apparently the link to Expressway's first review wasn't working yesterday, so I offer it again, shameless hussy that I am. Partly because it's friendly, but also because it's smart.

Expressway is on the move

Thanks Coach House publicist Evan Munday for the fun little promo tool for Expressway, which arrived in the world last week at a weighty 98 pages. For the record, this isn't AC/DC, but a cover. A good one at that. Oh, and Expressway gets its very first review. And it's friendly. Thanks Vanessa.

Jacob Wren reads Carl Wilson by way of a digression

Let’s Talk About Love: A Journey To The End Of Taste by Carl Wilsonby Jacob WrenFar more than most celebrities, [Céline] is plausible as a common person catapulted into uncommon status. Apart from her music, I've grown accustomed to her over-expressive face, attached to her arm-flinging gawkiness. And as I suspected, looking closely at her...

Poets Read: Round One

A mix of poets reading for the perusal and benefit of my esteemed students of poetry and poetics who would otherwise assume the reading of poems to be that undertaken under the greatest duress involving shortness of breath, much panting and dryness in the mouth, and whom after the briefest of engagements with said poets,...