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Monthly archive March, 2009

Lemon Hound on Tobias Wolff

“The line was endless.” So begins Tobias Wolff’s story, “Bullet in the Brain.” I heard the story on the New Yorker fiction podcast and laughed myself right through my cardio workout for the day. No small feat: I am intensely bored by the gym and have taken to podcasting my way through. But even when...

And yes, it contains that word

Thanks to the Globe and Mail for pointing this out: Please follow and like us:0

Erin Moure believes in poetry, do you?

“It can change my world. And does, and has and will . . . Anything that affects my body, that my body undergoes, also affects my writing. My writing affects my life (the vice versa) because I must do it, so I give up many other things. In my writing and in my translation, too,...

Etgar Keret, Cramps

Cramps by Etgar Keret That night I dreamt that I was a forty-year old woman, and my husband was a retired colonel. He was running a community center in a poor neighborhood, and his social skills were shit. His workers hated him, because he kept yelling at them. They complained that he treated them like...

Surface thoughts, Chelsea, Twittering: Notes Toward an Essay

New York is surface. It’s art. This becomes clearer and clearer to me now that I am no longer living there. Art is what I pine for. Art gives me hope. Art dissolves my nostalgia for wild. Not for nature, or outdoors, but for a notion of some pristine form of it. New York is...

Elger Esser, Sonnabend and the Dussledorf School

Elger Esser is back at Sonnabend, one of the Hound’s favorite Chelsea galleries. There weren’t that many pictures in his recent show, and they were of varying intensity and not as gripping as the last show I saw, which was very moving in its grand stillness. Esser has been photographing large scale landscapes, richly detailed...

Erin Moure reads Myung Mi Kim

from Myung Mi Kim, And Sing We If we live against replication Our scripts stricken Black ants on tar: ponderous pending change Fabled voices, fabled voices say to us And this breaks through unheralded –– Sardines browned to a crisp over charcoal is memory smell elicited from nothing Falling in that way Um-pah, um-pah sensibility...

Tony Oursler at Metro

Cell Phones Diagrams Cigarettes Searches and Scratch Cards28 February – 11 April 2009 Tony Oursler, whom I first posted about back in 2006, has another show up at Metro Pictures, and again, it’s a wow. He is an artist who applies voice over or soundscapes as he projects moving images onto objects. The gallery was...

Emily Carr on Mary Ruefle

My husband and I were arguing about a bench we wanted to buy and put in part of our backyard, a part which is actually a meadow of sorts, a half-acre with tall grasses and weeds and the occasional wildflower because we do not mow it but leave it scrubby and unkempt. This bench would...

Tony Oursler at Metro

Here’s a teaser…it was a bonanza weekend in Chelsea. Tony Oursler, an artist that I’ve noted here before but not with exceptional enthusiasm, was definitely a highlight. More over the week (or so), on Oursler and several others. Meanwhile launch. Greetings Toronto. Please follow and like us:0

Sure to see art and Aunt Gertrude

Do come if you are in the city. Looking forward.Lisa Robertson & Sina QueyrasFriday, March 20, 6 pmThe City University of New York Graduate CenterRoom 9204365 Fifth Avenue (between 34th and 35th Streets) Or in Toronto Sunday night. Please follow and like us:0

Henry, Thomas, Bill

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