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Comments, comments

Sorry all! I had turned on moderation because of a spambot, but neglected to actually check on comments…I have not been withholding on purpose. Here is a sampling…and yes, I love the comments on my blog, but when they get hijacked? My god, it’s like some wacky descent into a food court/verse hell. **es, Chris,...

David Hughes on Carbon Shift

50% of the oil found on the planet has been consumed since 1950. 90% of all coal burned on the planet has been burned since 1910. As for cars and the ridiculous state of the automobile industry, there were 70 million cars built in 2001 alone…no wonder there is a problem. Think about what comes...

It’s over

Survived another National Poetry Month, and my second since being back in Canada. It isn’t quite the frenetic pace of a New York National Poetry month which features so much all at once–including of course the fabulous Poets House Poetry Show Case. The highlight for me? The National Post. They did a great job featuring...

100 Days

P021809PS-0069, originally uploaded by The Official White House Photostream. Behind the scenes on flickr.

Geoffrey Cook

Geoffrey Cook, originally uploaded by johnwmacdonald. Yet another amazing portrait from John W. Macdonald.

Who cares?

The comment situation is out of control over at Harriet. Who are these people? Who cares what they think? I can’t go to the Poetry Foundation anymore, it’s just too awful. I’m beginning to think that comments aren’t the problem, but blogging in general. We have hit peak blogging now haven’t we? What’s next. Something...

So long, Bea

Funny, funny, funny.

Twitter verse

I’ve decided to have fun. Inspired by the new program and Arjun (see interview below). But I have long been a fan of the short-short, poem or story or play, I like it brief. The stanzas are created out of twitter posts available at the time of composition. Rules? Other than the 140 characters that...

Lemon Hound talks to Emily Schultz

LH: Emily, I have been wanting to interview you since reading your collection of poetry Songs for the Dancing Chicken (2007), published with ECW–it’s a gorgeous little book. Tiny narrative haikus. Would you call yourself a poet or a fiction writer, or do you see a distinction? ES: I define as bi-textual. LH: You have...

Change is afoot

There will be some awkwardness here at the Hound’s domain. But it is all in transition toward loveliness so do check back. One change is that comments will be moderated. This is to attempt to foil the spam bot. As for the almond croissant? La Fromentiere on Laurier was the winner, but the others, Premier...

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