National Poetry Month

So we’ll be up to our ears in poetry events this month, and I say rah, to that. Some highlights include Julie Wilson’s 30 Poets reading which begins with Kevin Connolly reading from Drift, Reb Livingston has NaPoWrMo over on her blog, featuring new poems, The League of Canadian Poets has a new poem every day as well and of course there are the prize announcements that come along with all of the festivities.

Meanwhile, protesters are in the streets of London letting the good leaders at the G20 Summit know that someone is watching. Is it the poets? Not likely. What a strange time, layoffs everywhere, car sales plummeting, the entire economic system of the planet pausing if not crumbling. A moment of reflection? A moment in which resources are what? Being shifted? Waiting for the next big opportunity to plunder?

It’s National Poetry Month or some such thing as that. I wonder where the poets are in all these world events? What was Wordsworth doing in the Lakes District? Counting birds and flowers or plotting political manoeuvrings in verse? What has poetry become? The careering, the feting? Where is the action in poetry?

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