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Sorry all! I had turned on moderation because of a spambot, but neglected to actually check on comments…I have not been withholding on purpose. Here is a sampling…and yes, I love the comments on my blog, but when they get hijacked? My god, it’s like some wacky descent into a food court/verse hell.

**es, Chris, the “me blog” or the puff blog. At least the purpose of those blogs are quite obvious. Much of what we endure for reviewing these days is doing something similar under the guise of objectively offering a book for review to the general public…

Jordan, I wish you blogged again. I miss your blog. It was a favorite, one I checked daily.

Jason, fyi the Poetry Foundation just welcomed Eileen Myles aboard, which was a great decision. They are clearly trying to break the old notion of them being a bastion of verse, and conservative verse at that. Good to see I think.

R. I keep the comments on largely with the hope that more women and other voices who don’t take up public space will climb aboard…

I think the whole notion of anonymous commenting is just wrong. Dialog or use that energy in one’s work. And yes, good idea not to get into a fight on one’s blog–and there are people who are looking for that. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

Pass the tamiflu ineed.


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Blogger Matt said…

I finally weaned myself off of Harriet a few weeks ago. The only comment I feel like making these days is “pass the Tamiflu”.

1:52 AM


Blogger Jordan said…

Comments: Never had them, never will.

Corollary re Blogging: Been there, done that.

What’s next: Twitter-mind either achieves singularity or pulls everybody tethered to it into the group-think ocean. I’m thinking ocean.

7:10 AM


Blogger Chris Banks said…

Yeah, we seemed to have hit a critical mass for sure. I love your blog Sina because you encourage real discussion about poetry but so many other poetry blogs are just digital soap-boxes to puff someone up or to laud their own poetic tastes and as Donald Hall has said, “taste makes fools of us all.” This is too bad because I think blogs can be really great tools. I thought about blogging for a time but it is just not for me. I’m going in the other direction. I’m buying a letterpress and going to build a little print shop in my basement.

11:16 AM


Blogger Barbara Jane Reyes said…

Hi LH, Yes I too have stopped going over to Harriet, and to other places like Silliman’s blog where comments do get out of control frequently. I don’t really think the problem is blogging as much as it is how one blogs or regards his/her blog space, what s/he wishes to invite or maintain in that space. I used to think the not face to face interaction, and the distance enable us to be inconsiderate, but I also think folks who are e-bullies are probably bullies in person as well? For my own blog, I don’t censor comments but I do make it a point not to indulge folks who are looking for a fight. Anyway, thanks for this post and for being in blog world.

11:59 AM


Blogger R. said…

Well, you can always just turn comments off. I had a blog some years ago where I did that — interaction was via plain old fashioned email. Nowadays I have a blog where I post bad poems for my friends to read and comments are turned on — not a problem, since there’s essentially no traffic, or comments.

The problem with a site like Harriet is that it becomes a platform. Anything with a lot of traffic becomes that. Read the comments on for example,
or even (often) on Silliman’s blog. I’ve given up. Comments aren’t dialogue, they’re my/your/his/her 150ms of fame.

Tragedy of the commons; well known effect.

6:51 PM


Blogger jason christie said…

In the spirit of no comments… o wait… I started to read the Poetry Foundation site about a year ago, but it was a combination of the articles becoming less and less interesting, and the comments devolving into the usual comparison between sticks that drove me away.

I’ve been off the blogging for a while now, questioning the limits of community… What does the potential for a boundless community joined around a virtual campfire mean?

word verification: budists… v.strange.

9:04 PM


Blogger Nada said…

I completely disagree! I love comments when they are given with love and thought.

12:12 PM


Blogger Chien Bâtard said…

Hi all, again, just realizing that there were comments here in the first place…Nada, yes, absolutely, thought and love. More on this when I catch up…

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