The Afterword, Pasha Malla

Increasingly I am turning to the National Post for book coverage. Yes indeed. Ironically I have a subscription to the G&M, not the NP. (I know, I know, writers aren’t supposed to talk about this. It’s all hush, hush, don’t draw the ire of the reviewers down upon ye and subject yourself to the possibility of endless bad reviews!)

But the pulse, is the pulse, and at the moment it seems like the NP has its finger on it. At least in terms of the book world. Today a wee Q&A with Pasha Malla. Here’s the last response:

Q: Kurt Vonnegut advised that every short story should have one character the reader can root for. Agree or disagree?
A: Disagree. I don’t even think every short story has to have any characters at all.

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