The Fragments of Samuel Beckett

Not new of course, but scintillating nonetheless. I have been under the spell of Beckett’s production notes, which I assure you, are more interesting than Twitter feed.

Peep under H’s handkerchief.

Ladder business simplified

At bins: 1st Nell. Deep
stoop. From H.

Speech: move to door
killed after ‘I can’t be
punished any more.’ Cf.
8 after ‘…dying of their

[erasure] Clove gone most of
ex. trailing sheets

Red faces: cut.

or later

Pain killer [erasure]
I’ll leave you [erasure]
No more [erasure]
Taking its course

Well, great writing makes for great note taking and ephemera and marginalia. Never happier than discovering marginalia. How do, how do. What is cut? What is noted? Has Benjamin really suggested there is no better start for thinking than laughter?

still later

Move from earth to sea:
no business? After, 2
steps back for ladder

prepare back of chair
for thumps-dust

….the shivers…

Have you shrunk?

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