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Dionne Brand, Poet Laureate

She's our smoothest poet, a brilliant gatherer of image and sound, she played one of The Men in Lisa Robertson's book length reading of the collection of the same name, she's certainly one of the Hound's favorite poets, absolutely included in Open Field, and now she's Toronto's new poet laureate. Excellent news. Go Dionne.

Nina Simone

Thanks Vanessa.


If one hasn't any ideas they can always think of their favorite book and remake it, or "adapt" it. This is very convenient. Taking one project apart, rethinking, transforming and inverting it so that it becomes another project. Oddly, people who applaud this on the one hand, can't see the benefit of it on the...

Dear Shameless Hussy, Recently I read along with a spoken word poet. Someone wrote a blog entry on the event and praised the spoken word poet for performing her work, for having eye contact with the audience etc. and criticized the others for reading from a printed page. This is clearly a stance of performance...

Was it the return of Monet’s Water Lilies?

Everything was a blur at MoMA on Sunday. Perhaps fatigue from doing three readings in 36 hours. But that's New York, and it was all good, if, by the last reading, very tiring for all involved. But first art. Or three views of looking at art on Sunday. More later on the Conceptualists and Amsterdam...

UQAM creates some Buzz

Gotta love Montreal


"The term in fiction does not have the same meaning as it does with reference to an action film"I don't know, he was all over the map, I mean quite literally, jerking around, his chin seemed the only part of his body with a clear understanding of where it was meant to be going, if...

Bowery at 4

If you're in New York this afternoon you might want to come by the Bowery. I haven't heard Minkus, Holbrook or Turner read and am very much looking forward. Sina Queyras, Kim Minkus, Susan Holbrook, Jacqueline TurnerBowery Poetry Club, New York, NYSaturday, September 26, 20094:00 to 5:40

Acquiring Editor

Someone is making a narrative about your life. Well, the fact of your life is absented from the making, rather your work is a larger narrative in the other's life. This can be a work of genius. The fact of sitting across the table from another person and feeling comfortable is not to be underestimated....


One route took me through the mall. It was either the mall or the parking lot. Either way the landscape at 8 am fumed, trees spindling out of concrete, bags collecting in the budless branches, a trail of somber brake lights. What is private is fenced, usually concrete, divisive lines thick as speed bumps. Freedom...