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Dionne Brand, Poet Laureate

She’s our smoothest poet, a brilliant gatherer of image and sound, she played one of The Men in Lisa Robertson’s book length reading of the collection of the same name, she’s certainly one of the Hound’s favorite poets, absolutely included in Open Field, and now she’s Toronto’s new poet laureate. Excellent news. Go Dionne.

Nina Simone

Thanks Vanessa.


If one hasn’t any ideas they can always think of their favorite book and remake it, or “adapt” it. This is very convenient. Taking one project apart, rethinking, transforming and inverting it so that it becomes another project. Oddly, people who applaud this on the one hand, can’t see the benefit of it on the...

Dear Shameless Hussy, Recently I read along with a spoken word poet. Someone wrote a blog entry on the event and praised the spoken word poet for performing her work, for having eye contact with the audience etc. and criticized the others for reading from a printed page. This is clearly a stance of performance...

Was it the return of Monet’s Water Lilies?

Everything was a blur at MoMA on Sunday. Perhaps fatigue from doing three readings in 36 hours. But that’s New York, and it was all good, if, by the last reading, very tiring for all involved. But first art. Or three views of looking at art on Sunday. More later on the Conceptualists and Amsterdam...

UQAM creates some Buzz

Gotta love Montreal


“The term in fiction does not have the same meaning as it does with reference to an action film” I don’t know, he was all over the map, I mean quite literally, jerking around, his chin seemed the only part of his body with a clear understanding of where it was meant to be going,...

Bowery at 4

If you’re in New York this afternoon you might want to come by the Bowery. I haven’t heard Minkus, Holbrook or Turner read and am very much looking forward.  Sina Queyras, Kim Minkus, Susan Holbrook, Jacqueline TurnerBowery Poetry Club, New York, NYSaturday, September 26, 20094:00 to 5:40

Acquiring Editor

Someone is making a narrative about your life. Well, the fact of your life is absented from the making, rather your work is a larger narrative in the other’s life. This can be a work of genius. The fact of sitting across the table from another person and feeling comfortable is not to be underestimated....


One route took me through the mall. It was either the mall or the parking lot. Either way the landscape at 8 am fumed, trees spindling out of concrete, bags collecting in the budless branches, a trail of somber brake lights. What is private is fenced, usually concrete, divisive lines thick as speed bumps. Freedom...

Speak to me of prose and tone and humour

There are several surrealist prose books out of Les Figues of late which I have enjoyed immensely. Stan App’s God’s Livestock Policy, Axel Thormahlen’s A Happy Man & Other Stories, and this little bilingual gem, Voice of Ice, from Alta Ifland. It seems that people’s resistance to Flarf and Conceptual poetry mirrors, in a way,...


The secrets of natureCannot be dished outIn neat little spoonfuls. Kim Rosenfield, re:evolution, Les Figues 2008 The language of systems, the loving of language, the systems of books laid out, the systems of systems, the introduction by Sianne Nagi, the lay of language, the bit of book, the “re-enchantment” of Darwin, the ongoing reinvention of...

Victoria Glendinning

On Can Lit“It seems in Canada that you only have to write a novel to get grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and from your provincial Arts Council, who are also thanked. Complaints were once voiced that most shortlisted Giller novels emanated from just three big-name publishers, all owned by Bertelsmann, and that...

Notes toward some thoughts on Canadian poetry

Interim Volume 27/ No. 1&2 2009Kudos to Jen Currin for the folio of Canadian poetry in the recent issue of Interim. It’s a wonder to me that the editorial efforts of people outside of Canada to promote Canadian poetry and literature abroad get so little attention here at home. Todd Swift’s folio in New American...


Zizek on the reality in the illusion: “we humans are not naturally born into reality…” Further to my earlier post on the possibility of hope as opposed to denial.

Notes toward a poem

09/20/09 “Meet my personality” Ron Silliman The red wheel barrow has so much rust,the wheels have eaten away. A city might collapse under its own economy ora body. There is always an open letter. The ragged brick, the splashes of paint,the spiced wood, my UPC code, bloodon the cornice, way above your head.

More Joy, the Montreal Version

On Sept. 21, the Joyland Reading Tour stops in Montreal for a night of literary entertainment at the Green Room (5386 St-Laurent Blvd.). Presented in conjunction with Matrix Magazine, the evening will be hosted by Joyland’s Montreal editor David McGimpsey and will feature Joyland founders Emily Schultz and Brian Joseph Davis, as well as local...

Notes toward a poem

09/19/09 Some bemoaned the body,the lack. Some said it had waxed,become its own angles. Some had well polished nails,some never did knowtheir credit rating. Over in the corner a womanblowing the fluff away. After a few rhymes she sawthe well shaped petals and stillcould not name the sensationbetween her eyes. What we hold the laptop...

Nick Thran: Ashbery’s bridge

And now I cannot remember how I would have had it. It is not a conduit (confluence?) but a place. The place, of movement and an order: The place of old order. But the tail end of the movement is new.  Driving us to say what we are thinking.  It is so much like a...

What’s left of summer

Lydia Davis

Three new stories. Thanks to Mr. Silliman who had an extraordinarily long list of links yesterday. Oh, and here’s a ridiculous “review” of Eunoia.

Laurie Anderson sound recordings 1970s

It’s “in” the computer

Because I needed a laugh.  Zoolander… “In the Computer!”

Poetics & Activisim in New York

Participant bios Thursday, September 24, 2009 3:00PM-4:00PMRegistrationLocation: English Department Lounge 4:00PM-5:00PMOpening Plenary I: Why You Talk Like That? Between Orature and LiteratureChair: Tonya Foster; Panelists: Meta DuEwa Jones, John Keene, Julie Patton, Evie ShockleyLocation: English Department LoungeDescription: One aspect of “black aesthetics” involves two ostensibly dissonant strands of poetics the oral and the literary (which...

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