Roni Horn & Clarice Lispector

Agua Viva: Seventeen Paradoxes, 2004
Horn often uses text as a source for her work. Here we have samplings from Clarice Lispector’s The Stream of Life.

Horn has done a lot of work in/on Iceland, which seems to be still on the tip of everyone’s tongue. As I hope Lispector will be. One of the great fiction writers of the 20th Century. Now there is a biography, which I can’t wait to read. Here’s an excerpt from the New York Times:

“Here’s a riddle for literary sleuths. Which 20th-century writer was described by the eminent French critic Hélène Cixous as being what Rilke might have been, if he were a “Jewish Brazilian born in the Ukraine”? By the poet Elizabeth Bishop as “better than J. L. Borges”? And by the Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso as one of the chief revelations of his adolescence, along with sex and love and bossa nova? The answer is Clarice Lispector, a Portuguese-language novelist who died in Rio de Janeiro in 1977, and who, despite a cult following of artists and scholars, has yet to gain her rightful place in the literary canon.”

No, can’t understand anything, but nice to hear her speaking nonetheless:

The biographer:

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