If one hasn’t any ideas they can always think of their favorite book and remake it, or “adapt” it. This is very convenient. Taking one project apart, rethinking, transforming and inverting it so that it becomes another project. Oddly, people who applaud this on the one hand, can’t see the benefit of it on the other. Where the avant garde is concerned. One can look at the word adaptation but if one gets a whiff of Charlie Kaufman, or say, Sigourney Weaver lying on the examination table in Aliens 3, well, then it’s the wrong sort of word. Terrifying. As with all things in life, it may or may not have appendages. It may or may not be faithful. It might or might not include sentiment, artifice, satire, and or sincerity. Adapation is often used in conjunction with the terms rip-off, theft, appropriation or misappropriation, slaughter, overly or underly faithful. It may or may not have something to do with translation and as alluded to above, cloning.

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