I’m not a conceptual writer, but I feel like one

Christine Wertheim, myself (attempting to shrink), Kim Rosenfield and Vanessa Place. Nada Gordon is taking the photo, which I tweaked a little, Nada, hope you don’t mind. For a report on our panel, see Nada’s blog. There are several reports of the conference itself, which was really great, and a reminder that we don’t get together enough, cross paths enough in person. Nor do we really get to listen to each other much anymore. Distance plus whatever (fill it in). One thing I know from time spent at Banff and elsewhere though, there is absolutely nothing more effective than sharing a meal to bond folks. That was the only thing missing for me–the breaking of bread.

As for conceptual? As I said at the outset of my paper, I don’t classify myself as a conceptual writer (or any kind of writer for that matter), but, but some of my very best friends are conceptual writers, and conceptual writing is of great interest to me on many levels. Not to mention being of the moment, and doesn’t one have a duty to come to terms with one’s moment?

What is conceptual writing? Well, you can see Kenny Goldsmith here, or read Thom Donovan (whom I met on Saturday at In Print on 10th with Dorothea Lasky and David Buuck) on Place and Fitterman’s Conceptualisms here.

And before you get all twisted, no one is making anyone become a conceptual writer. It’s just another fold in the great fabric, y’all. No worries. Or as Jake says, just peace.

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