1983 was a strange and beautiful year

Strange new moment, Aids was still a whisper, David Bowie was making his move into movies, David Sylvian was there (where is he now?),

As was Annie Lennox,

and Steve Jobs

So was the threat of nuclear annihlation. In fact this was the year many of us saw Helen Caldicott’s film, released in 1982. The film was so disturbing I recall driving around in circles in the west end of Vancouver until a car appeared out of nowhere landing like a dart on the hood of my car, then a black 1968 Valiant with a candy red interior.

But Talking Heads released Speaking in Tongues, and one of the great songs of the 80s:
Talking Heads – Naive Melody (This Must Be The Place)

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and of course, there was Michael

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