You might think this is simply a grammatical symbol for omitted letters, or a way to mark ownership and relationship which in itself is a neat trick. You might also think it’s a book (and a site) designed/conceived by Toronto Wunderkinds Bill Kennedy and Darren Wershler. You might also think that it refers to an actor breaking the fourth wall by speaking directly to the audience, or, dear reader, the author directly addressing her reader or as used in the following line courtesy of the OED: GEO. ELIOT A. Bede 30 Bursting out into wild accusing apostrophes to God and destiny. It is a technique of great use to twelve and thirteen-year-olds with a certain curiosity and/or desire beyond their economic and geographical constraints evidenced in long monologues and motivational rants offered to vacant lots, attentive puppies, and paper towel dispensers in junior high bathrooms.

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