Comments, who owns comments?

Who owns comments on a blog? Or what is fair use? As some of you may know, a book of selected blog posts from this blog is forthcoming from BookThug. The process of creating the text was intriguing–more complicated than I expected. And what precedent is there for turning a literary blog into a book? I’ll be posting more on that when the time comes. But, but, but, for now my question is regarding the comments folks have left here over the past six years? When you leave a comment what do you expect it to do? Have an afterlife? Disappear in 48 hours? Do you feel a sense of ownership? A defense of commentary? For some (not necessarily here but elsewhere)commenting seems to be a serial form of publication. And for blogs they are kind of essential aren’t they? So who owns blog comments? Once offered in response to something posted here, do they become part of “here”? Can I do with them what I wish?

Please feel free to comment.

Oh, and do check the blogger terms of service

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