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Beatbox Boy

Giving Mr. Bok a run for his money…Follow @christianbok for more such affirmations of the human creative spirit.

Who is afraid of thinking?

A.O. Scott says And, indeed, “Examined Life” is less a tour of present-day philosophy than a study in academic celebrity. Ms. Taylor has offered each of her subjects the chance to show off a little, and they find different ways of rising to the opportunity of subverting it. Some, like Mr. Zizek, Mr. Hardt and...

Open Wide

An email from Nancy Holmes regarding her anthology, Open Wide a Wilderness: Canadian Nature Poems: Sina:  Thanks for a thoughtful commentary on OWW.  I have been expecting a response about the post-1960 representation.  Just a few words about intention:  I intended the anthology to be one that provided a foundation for a study of Canadian...



She’s a bitch

If you’re a bitch, you are at least in good company historically and otherwise.And the stranger the better, no?I want your shoes, baby. And then to be able to pull them off, of course. But poets don’t really “do” shoes do they? (Warning I have some very candid poet shoe shots…)

Recent Tweets

via Lemon Hound    Poetry has never tried a thong 9:31 PM Nov 25th from web Poetry bends even the most rigid constraints, adds a little fur, some tooth, several consonants and a Stella McCartney boustier11:03 PM Nov 24th from web Thinking of scrolls, miniatures, over-sized books such as those in the Morgan: there has...

Bending Perception

Richard Serra, Blind Spot, Gagosian to December 23 I always enjoy interacting with Richard Serra’s work. This latest is by far the most intense and startling. I didn’t look at the photos above before confronting the work in the gallery, though the entire time I was wondering how I could get on the gallery roof...

In A Gadda Da Vida

A note from Gary BarwinThought you might these two amazing Tuvan appropriations of Western kitch-hits. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Tuvan band Yat Kha and (see below)  “In a Gadda da Vida,” replete with the haunting overtone singing typical of Tuvan throat singing. Amazing how they have a totally different conception of vocalization. To...

Malahat Review, September 2009

Three good things from the issue: I am not that familiar with Ross Leckie’s poems, but I really loved the ones here grouped as “Wetlands of Pure Reason.” Very nice. These poems, with titles like “The Brain of a Cauliflower,” “Addition and Subtraction and All the Gorgeous Functions” have real energy, directness. They are conversational...

Quote of the week

Karen Solie describes what an “Anansi Girl” is or has:  “a certain undefinable quality. In fact, it is impossible to determine simultaneously both the position and velocity of one or another of us with any degree of accuracy or certainty. An Anansi Girl might be the basis for the initial realization of fundamental uncertainties in...

Roni Horn encore

Roni Horn–I missed this while in NY, but I found this footage and feel a little less disappointed.Here is part of what I missed…Watch Roni Horn, Louise Bourgeois / Hauser & Wirth Zurich in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.comNot quite the same, but…wanted to see the Blake exhibit at the Morgan and that...

Part 2, Women of the Avant Garde

Is now up on Poetry Foundation. You heard it here. You have to get it there. Thanks for the tip, Don.

The Malady of Modernism

It’s true, you put stuff out there and you get lovely surprises. Some of them good. This from Kenny Goldsmith: The Malady of Writing: Modernism You Can Dance To (MP3) In collaboration with MACBA in Barcelona, UbuWeb is pleased to present a podcast accompanying their new exhibition entitled The Malady of Writing, a project imagines...

Rock On

Grey sky. Flash back.

Louise Bourgeois

Un refugeA total giant, indeed. Missed Tracey Emin’s show…but I saw an incrdible piece by Bourgeois in a group show. Took details of it and my entire card corrupted before I could upload. 120 photos vanished.I am my own house…

Holding out for a hero

Bien surThanks VP. My favourite moment is the few seconds before they start dancing. What I’m hoping for is a gaggle of singing and dancing poetry reviewers. I’m not sure Toronto is ready for it, but perhaps, perhaps, wait? Where in Canada could I imagine that? Winnipeg. That’s it. That’s where the future of Canadian...

Trouble Soon Be Over

This one from Gary Barwin

We got a shake down…

Another Vanessa find…


Vanessa finds the best things

Altnernate blurb entry

If you read the description on back of the book you will not only find out what is happening in the book, but how it happens and how you should feel about it too. –Boy with bowl cut and very swish boots waving his library book at his nanny


So what do you think? Will you write me a blurb for my new book? Um, I don’t know. Who else is writing one? We’re not sure yet. There has been a lot of interest. Oh really? Interest in the blurb writing? It’s the kind of book that blurbs well. People are kind of excited....

TABLE MUSIC: William S. Burroughs, from “A Review of the Reviewers”

TABLE MUSIC: William S. Burroughs, from “A Review of the Reviewers”


If I were to put together one figure from my many girls and from fragments of Joan of Arc, Charlotte Corday, and Anna Katharina Emmerich—just to touch on one possible combination—then I too could sing the praises of a heroine who would be happily and hospitably welcomed into the houses of the small towns if...

Bullet in the Brain

It happens we are discussing this story in my workshop next week. It’s from Tobias Wolff, not in general a favorite author of the Hound’s, but it’s a great story, and among other things, it always reminds me to think about what, and how, I am thinking. You can hear it on the New Yorker...


You have heard by now, and congrats are in order. To all the winners and nominees for the GG, bravo. Now, really, a wee celebration is also in order. And also, I believe, a well-earned break.

Joyce reads

from Finnegan’s Wake


“I know you’re very busy, Mr. Harper. We’re all busy. But every person has a space next to where they sleep, whether a patch of pavement or a fine bedside table. In that space, at night, a book can glow. And in those moments of docile wakefulness, when we begin to let go of the...

Biter Bit

One of the earliest poems I recall writing was an illustration of this and it left me feeling uneasy. Later I attempted to write a story in which the psychiatrist and patient end up reversing places. Being 13, and having never met a psychiatrist proved problematic, but again, as a young wanna-be-writer this ironic twist...

Stormy Weather

Judy Garland Lena Horne Ella Martha Wainwright Etta James, Dinah Washington, Shirley Bassey, the list goes on and on, and on…but these four that stay with me. And of these, there is one that stands out isn’t there? Impossible to choose a definitive version but one of these is particularly surprising and it’s that one...

Shameless Hussy’s Literary Advice

Dear Shameless,I was running my magazine’s booth at a recent literary festival and someone approached me with a fistful of paper, expecting me to read and provide feedback on his poetry on the spot. He asked very casually, as though this sort of thing is done all the time. I was very taken aback and...

Mack the Knife

Lotte Lenya  Pearl Baily and Dinah Shore LouisNick Cave

on the metro this morning

You have the right to remain stupid. Everything you say can and will be ignored.

Shameless Hussy’s Literary Advice

Dear Shameless Hussy,Recently I read with several poets new to me. After the reading I went up to one of the poets to introduce myself. The other two poets were talking to friends and before long, had left the building. Isn’t it rude to read with someone and then make off without so much as...

A Le Quartanier and BookThug book launch

Le Livre de Chevet (le Quartanier), an anthology edited by Daniel CantyThe Rose Concordance (BookThug), by Angela CarrExpeditions of a Chimæra (BookThug), by Oana Avasilichioaei and Erín Moure Join us on Wednesday, November 11 at Librairie Le Port de Tête (262 Mont-Royal E). Event from 5 pm to midnight, with readings from 7 to 8...

Tonight at the Green Room

Sunday November 8, 8-10 pmErín Moure, Norma Cole, Steve Collis, video by Zohar KfirHosted by Sina Queyras, Intros by Angela CarrThe Green Room: 5386 Boul. St-Laurent

Marianne Faithful

shows up in the oddest placesand here’s a flashback…well, more than a flashback, first time viewing for the Hound.and flashback encore

How odd is this?

Ass wiping bad…before there was the cornflower girl there was… This one isn’t odd, it’s just funny, or funnier, as Vanessa says

The Devil’s Toy is fitted with wheels of circular design

by Claude Jutra, and thanks to @heinrikfoibles and of course the NFB for putting their archives on line.

More Shakespeare

Paul Hoover, Sonnet 56, Les Figues 2009 Have Shakespeare’s sonnets ever been more engaged with? Jen Bervin, K. Silem Mohammad, Harryette Mullen, and now Paul Hoover. He takes up one of the homely sonnets–and rewrites/revisions in all the hip ways, from N+7 to digression, villanelle to ghazal, haibun to haiku, flarf to homophonic–translation that is....

Overhead dialogue of the week

Even when they have nothing to lose people don’t want to take risks… I guess taking risks is acknowledging risk.

Poetry is at it again

Who’s a whore?

Everybody is talking about Wade Davis

And that’s a good thing.

Happy November

Because who doesn’t love a ukulele?

Just because

It’s so awesomeI hope Borat never attempts to play Freddie in a biopic.

Random Gendered Bites

I did this search after reading several book reviews in a row and realizing how infrequently I heard the sentence “she is a master,” or “she is an intelligent poet…”. I would rather cut the hyperbole completely and simply talk about the work, regardless of gender, but there is often such heightened language in reviews...

Emily Dickinson: Beclouded, part one

The sky is low, the clouds are mean, A travelling flake of snow Across a barn or through a rut Debates if it will go. A narrow wind complains all day How some one treated him; Nature, like us, is sometimes caught Without her diadem. I have taken to reading Dickinson on the move: leaving...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Under Pressure: Everybody’s Talking Trash

 Oops, I mean MFAs. Do these people have no respect? Poets & Writers steps into the rankings game.  Which pisses off the Best American Poetry machine. Which leads to parodies:  Writing is like sex: sometimes you have to pay for it. I’m not saying don’t get an MFA, I’m just saying wear a condom. Everybody...

PJ Harvey

Awesome. A Vanessa Place find. I was scheduling this for later, but I think we need it today. Note, that’s one way to get an audience. Here’s another.

Student Essay Contest

Nice. Arc has entered the ring, offering a prize for a student “How Poems Work” essay. Very happy to see this: it’s an idea long, long overdue. I just hope they are open to a variety of submissions, and that we can perhaps expand our idea of what good prose might be. Or good thinking...