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Beatbox Boy

Giving Mr. Bok a run for his money...Follow @christianbok for more such affirmations of the human creative spirit.

Who is afraid of thinking?

A.O. Scott saysAnd, indeed, “Examined Life” is less a tour of present-day philosophy than a study in academic celebrity. Ms. Taylor has offered each of her subjects the chance to show off a little, and they find different ways of rising to the opportunity of subverting it. Some, like Mr. Zizek, Mr. Hardt and the...

Open Wide

An email from Nancy Holmes regarding her anthology, Open Wide a Wilderness: Canadian Nature Poems:Sina:  Thanks for a thoughtful commentary on OWW.  I have been expecting a response about the post-1960 representation.  Just a few words about intention:  I intended the anthology to be one that provided a foundation for a study of Canadian nature...



She’s a bitch

If you're a bitch, you are at least in good company historically and otherwise.And the stranger the better, no?I want your shoes, baby. And then to be able to pull them off, of course. But poets don't really "do" shoes do they? (Warning I have some very candid poet shoe shots...)

Recent Tweets

via Lemon Hound    Poetry has never tried a thong 9:31 PM Nov 25th from webPoetry bends even the most rigid constraints, adds a little fur, some tooth, several consonants and a Stella McCartney boustier11:03 PM Nov 24th from webThinking of scrolls, miniatures, over-sized books such as those in the Morgan: there has never been...

Bending Perception

Richard Serra, Blind Spot, Gagosian to December 23I always enjoy interacting with Richard Serra's work. This latest is by far the most intense and startling. I didn't look at the photos above before confronting the work in the gallery, though the entire time I was wondering how I could get on the gallery roof and...

In A Gadda Da Vida

A note from Gary BarwinThought you might these two amazing Tuvan appropriations of Western kitch-hits. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" by Tuvan band Yat Kha and (see below)  "In a Gadda da Vida," replete with the haunting overtone singing typical of Tuvan throat singing. Amazing how they have a totally different conception of vocalization. To...

Malahat Review, September 2009

Three good things from the issue:I am not that familiar with Ross Leckie's poems, but I really loved the ones here grouped as "Wetlands of Pure Reason." Very nice. These poems, with titles like "The Brain of a Cauliflower," "Addition and Subtraction and All the Gorgeous Functions" have real energy, directness. They are conversational but...

Quote of the week

Karen Solie describes what an "Anansi Girl" is or has:  "a certain undefinable quality. In fact, it is impossible to determine simultaneously both the position and velocity of one or another of us with any degree of accuracy or certainty. An Anansi Girl might be the basis for the initial realization of fundamental uncertainties in...

Roni Horn encore

Roni Horn--I missed this while in NY, but I found this footage and feel a little less disappointed.Here is part of what I missed...Watch Roni Horn, Louise Bourgeois / Hauser & Wirth Zurich in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.comNot quite the same, but...wanted to see the Blake exhibit at the Morgan and that...

Part 2, Women of the Avant Garde

Is now up on Poetry Foundation. You heard it here. You have to get it there.Thanks for the tip, Don.