Biter Bit

One of the earliest poems I recall writing was an illustration of this and it left me feeling uneasy. Later I attempted to write a story in which the psychiatrist and patient end up reversing places. Being 13, and having never met a psychiatrist proved problematic, but again, as a young wanna-be-writer this ironic twist was very compelling. Always the twist. It may have something to do with the power imbalance most children endure. And perhaps a little bit of a revenge fantasy. In any case it has been a long while since I had the urge to frame a story in this way. There are strange examples online, the pervert’s penis bitten by a raccoon, the broadcast journalist facing defamation charges, the outing of a policeman anonymously blogging in England. It also appears to be the title of a story by Wilkie Collins, which I have ordered but haven’t read. It’s an odd way to tell a story, a bit twisted indeed. Like an Atwood plot. Yes, perhaps just like an Atwood plot.

twisted ending; irony

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