It’s read or be read

I’m turning my facebook friends into fans. I’m going to be the topdog, that’s right, me. I’m the one who’s going to blow all the other dogs out of the water. Trample the tepid and murky shallows of contem-po, oh yah, and it feels good to say…I’m the young upstart baby, and I’m gunning for you.

Jim Behrle gives good rant:

Jay Leno, not Conan O’Brien, is the future. Why? Because Leno is more devious, sinister, and craven. These are things to aspire to be. Jay Leno would reach through your skin and deep into your stomach to fetch an undigested Skittle if he were hungry for one. That’s the spirit of Ruthless 24/7 Careerism in a strawberry shell. Make a deal with Russia to not invade Russia and then, when Russia least expects it, invade Russia.

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