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And optimism shall reign.

The Torontoist’s Book Page and Vox Populism Present:
THE OPTIMISMS PROJECT: A National Poetry Month Thing

-we’d like to cobble together 30 or so poets, all under the age of 30, and give them some space (100-150 words) to express, in whatever way they choose, what makes them feel optimistic about the future of poetry in Canada. The word Optimism is pluralized in the project title for a reason, we hope to have diverse, surprising, and even contradictory aspirations. Submissions could be prose, poetry, specific, general, practical, fantastical, whatever. Again: diversity, and surprise, are our hopes. We’re “optimistic” we’ll get some of both.

-each day in April would feature the optimism of a separate poet, published on The Torontoist’s Book Page with a photo, a short (25 word max) bio, and any linkable internet connection they may desire.

-in terms of eligibility, it’s wide open (published, unpublished, etc) and will run under something of a first-come, first-serve basis. If we have to double up, we may. I’m thinking a birth year of 1980, or later. But we’re flexible. University Teachers: I’m relying on you folk for leads. High School Teachers: You too. Young, established (or establishing poets): Submit yourselves. Everyone else: I had a hunch you might know someone who’d be a great fit.

-If you could please forward this Call for Submissions as widely as possible, I’d be grateful. April approacheth quickly. Submissions should be mailed, as soon as humanly possible, to Though it’s the “Torontoist” book page, we hope to have submissions from all over the country.

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