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Monthly archive April, 2010

Even Bill Murray has difficulty reading poetry to construction workers

via NY Magazine "Bill dropped by the then-in-progress Poets House in Battery Park to share some short verse with the builders. (It gets going at the one-minute mark if you'd rather skip the intro.)" Though there is one poem he seems to connect with...isn't there? I won't say, but maybe you can tell.

On the matter of the Laureate

There are some aspects of the contemporary poetry world that I find particularly disturbing. The fact of what Emily Warn described recently on Harriet as the Pyramid Scheme that is the MFA industry is one. The popularity contest is another. That I allowed poetry to become muddied this way bothers me. I don't take readers...

Voting Update

Um, can a lowly blogger really win poet laureate of the blogosphere? I'm up against folks like WritersDigest Tweeting to its 40,000 followers. They can't spell, but they're tweeting. It's really insane....Name Writer's DigestLocation CincinnatiWeb http://www.facebo...Bio Helping writers since 1920. Publisher of Writer's Market series.20,993following    43,608followersRT @WritersDigest: Help! WD's @RobertLeeBrewer is up for Poet Laurette...

Vote, vote, vote

Last day of this madness. Sorry to have to ask you to do this--it's not the usual fare over here at Lemon Hound and won't be again after today, but we're down to the wire, so please vote.Good luck to Robert Lee Brewer.And thanks to all for your support.(Sorry to bump your post, Helen.)

Framing Thought: Anthologies and Influence

If you’ve ever studied English in a university setting, you’ve probably got at least one giant, brand name, brick of a literature anthology stuffed under your bed or holding up an off-kilter coffee table. These books are not only a pain to carry around, but they’re also a pain because of their closed approach to...

Prose Poem Contest

What makes for a great prose poem? Is it image? The quality of the prose? The turn? Is it the gait of the sentence? Is a prose poem primarily composed of the sentence, or the phrase, or is the unit of composition the phrase? The vowel? Is a prose poem story? Must it have narrative?...

Sometimes the poet’s job is silence

Or under the noise of making poetry one often finds poetry.

Vancouver Morning & Art Fix

Thanks to all who came out to Emily Carr last night and wave to those I didn't get to talk to. Only a few hours left in the city and I'm wondering what is essential viewing, art wise. Where must I go?

Quick reminder: Sina Queyras tonight!

The On Edge readings series presents:Sina Queyras7 pm, Tuesday, April 27Room NB 245Emily Carr University of Art and Design1399 Johnston St.Granville Island, Vancouver/Coast Salish Territories

Imagined quote of the week

What the interviewee said when pressed about his use of the phrase "good poetry" in relation to poetry that resembles his own....and "difficult" or "innovative" (quotes included with much derision), in relation to things he doesn't like."Hm, I had no idea my tastes were that transparent."

On publishing in 2010

In March of 2009, during the same week, I learned that my first book of poetry would be published and I learned that my contract at CBC would not be renewed. Amazingly, 13 months later, I appear to be still unemployed, or rather, writing-and-not-getting-paid-for-it (and I would like to thank Employment Insurance Canada, my spouse,...

The Hound In Vancouver

Sina Queyras @ Emily Carr UniversityThis event is scheduled to start at 19:00 Tuesday 27 April 2010 NB 245, Emily Carr University, 1399 Johnston St., Coast Salish Territories/Vancouver/Granville IslandReading from Expressway, which you can find out more about on the excellent Influency site, courtesy of Margaret Christakos and a lot of other fine poetry people and Unleashed.Thanks for the...