Actually, it was easy to quit you Facebook

But will you stay quit? I hear stories of people who have deleted accounts only to receive emails welcoming them back months after the fact. Sort of like those newspaper subscriptions that will never leave you alone after you’ve decided to move on, or non-profits that haunt you after you’ve been generous once. The matter of information use is of course becoming increasingly problematic. Paypal is awful. They never leave you alone once you’ve signed up and again, deleting your information is problematic. Ditto Amazon. And perhaps ditto Facebook. I’ll report back in a few weeks when I check up on my “deleted account.”

Yesterday Facebook made the front page of the Globe and Mail’s online edition. I had no idea there was a Quit Facebook Movement, I had just had enough. Seems a lot of people have had enough of Facebook. And Zuckerburg is in damage control mode. Seriously. Anyone out there convinced? Want to give any more information to this dude?

As I said, it was fairly easy to quit Facebook and I don’t miss much about it. There are downsides: all those event invitations…my “literary” social calendar is lost. Seriously, how long did it take for social networking, particularly of the literary sort, to move almost completely to Facebook? Will presses continue to focus on Facebook, which it seems to me, over saturates tiny pods of friends getting no information out to new people? Not sure of the wisdom there. The few pages that grow tend to be “can this potato chip get 50,000 friends?”

Another downside though is losing many contacts that I would like to have maintained. That became impossible because Facebook is all about mining data for Facebook. The platform actually makes it impossible to export any information you gather (and apparently easy for Facebook to use all that information you’ve gathered). So if I’ve suddenly cut you off, sorry about that. It’s not personal, it was the system.

In the end, what I do miss? Well, that’s it, contacts and events. Event invitations via Facebook were fabulous. Very convenient how one could download onto iCalendar…perhaps the best feature. Being up to date on readings from New York to Los Angeles to Vancouver to Toronto, that was good…are people going to stop doing other kinds of promotion altogether? How will non-Fbook users be informed?

I also miss several friends, especially distant friends that I don’t see often. Being able to check in on their day, seeing photos, that was very nice…as for the old friends recently discovered, a big apology. We’ll have to find each other again, it seems, in another capacity. 

One thing that seems certain: the use for and need for blogging isn’t going away. And the platform is way more reliable, democratic, and reliable than Facebook. A gated community. Or a bit of a Matrix. Users plugging themselves into Zucker__’s motherboard to generate data that he can sell. No wonder he’s laughing at his users. Creepy, creepy, creepy.

Update: New York Times has a few different opinions about the new privacy rules… I’m still not buying it. Oh, and fine, I’ll miss Wordscraper too. But I’ll finally catch up on my reading.

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