Men & Equipment, Slow Down, Summer Hours, or June & July

Although there are many posts in progress, the pace of life has picked up. My life seems to be calving whole weeks to busy-ness with nary an hour for my own work never mind updating the blog or social networking. To that end I’ve given up trying to resist the pace. Updating may be sporadic as we head into a few months of travel and workshopping.

Next weekend the League of Canadian Poets AGM in Toronto. I have never been to one of these AGMs so it will all be new to me. I will be reading this Thursday, June 10th, at Bar Italia for the Welcome Reading along with Lillian Allen, Jeanette Lynes, Phil Hall and others.

On Saturday I will be part of a panel discussion with Lola Tostevin (finally get to meet her!), and Jenny Sampirisi from 12:30-2:00. There will also be a reading of Pat Lowther’s work which I am very much looking forward to. Anne Simpson is giving a lecture and I’ll attend that as well.

I imagine I will be in attendance for the award ceremony too–I have never manage to make it to a ceremony where I have been nominated for anything, so that should be an interesting experience. Would love to have been in New York for the Lambdas, but was packing up in Philly to move to Montreal/Calgary…and would loved to have been at the National Magazine Awards last year…by the way, congrats to the Malahat for taking gold, again. Congrats to all my fellow Lowther and Lampert nominees, and good luck.

The following week the Summer Literary Seminars start here in Montreal. Yours truly will be facilitating a poetry workshop and looking forward to some patio and pint discussions with Liz Bachinsky and other guest writers–Mary Jo Bang, Chuck Klosterman, Catherine Bush–there’s a lot of people coming through and I look forward to some new conversations. If you’re in town do check out the schedule of events. Aside from the workshops, which should be amazing, there are lectures and of course, readings, readings, readings.

I am spending the month of July in London, in Bloomsbury to be precise. Mornings I intend to have my coffee in Russell Square before heading off for a long walk in a different direction every day. Afternoons in the British Library. Evenings? Who knows. Side trips? Farley Farm, Sissinghurst, Sussex, Manchester, Berlin…and so on. I may not post at all while there.

Meanwhile, I leave you with this to ponder.

It’s incredibly difficult to operate ethically…or, are you aware of the system, or do you simply embody the system? Or systems.

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