Comments are so last decade….

Silliman has turned his comment stream off and I’m with a lot of people who think it’s a good idea. There are quite a few last comments that illustrate my feelings exactly.

I, for one, applaud this move of YOURS. ‘Twill be more like the “old days”  a “dialogue” between the writer and the reader  … a revival of letter/e-mail, one-to-one writing/thinking  and maybe will lead to some productioning (?)

A little space between digestion and response. I said earlier that I thought the right response to a great poem is probably another great poem–I think the same might be true for a post. More thought rather than expressing one’s anger, or frustration, or the “good post” thing which as we all know, isn’t useful. I offer my critique of the comment stream with my own engagement included. The less I say publicly the happier I am these days. But I think that rather than embrace silence, it’s about choosing the appropriate venue for one’s response to a given situation. This has long been a concern for me. I don’t regret my years of blogging at all, they helped develop a thick skin to better deflect the invectives while allowing me to craft a public persona. Very important. But in general, I can’t say that engaging in comments has done much for me. I have done it, again a fact I’ve stated often, mostly because I am so weary of the bulk of these comment discussions being so very male, but no more for me. They take so much time and energy, and emotional energy too, taking in the constant high-emotion content: everyone is sensitive, everyone reacting as if this post, this one post, is indicative of a crisis of some magnitude…it’s too much.

There is only one comment stream included in Unleashed. It ends the book. That was certainly one of the most productive and invigorating discussions this blog has seen in its long run. As of the fall, there will be no comments here either.

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