Blackout, Revisited | Enpipe Line, Enacted

The current issue of Vancouver lit magazine Subterrain has published essays by writers Elizabeth Bachinsky and Alex Leslie on their BLACKOUT AT THE CANDAHAR project, an erasure-as-intervention experimental poetry response to the Vancouver Olympics on which I posted last February. The poems, created by visitors to the bar during the 14 day Olympic occupation, were unable to be printed in Subterrain due to “copyright concerns,” however Alex has posted a sampling, of which the above is borrowed, on her blog.

January feels like a blackout.

But I’m kept upright by the political energy and activism of the poets around me, like Christine Leclerc and her Enpipeline Project, a 1,173km poem involv­ing col­lab­o­ra­tion from poets and writ­ers around the world. There is a thoughtful interview with Christine about the project by Daniel Zomparelli over on his Geist blog.

(Disclosure: The writers I reference in this post are all people I consider friends, as well as colleagues. And for this I consider myself fortunate.)

Nikki Reimer lives in East Van, works in New West, wrote a book called [sic], might be suffering from SAD. But she soldiers on.

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