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Video Find of the Day

From Wayde Compton’s Facebook Feed:

The Weekend Read: Julie Sheehan

Sham Pantoum I believe in freedom. And so, I believeIn freedom. I believe in the policyOf freedom. Police freedom, I Believe, is the course to victory.Political freedom to believeI believe in. Freedom, I believe, Is polite. I believe I saidOf freedom (Police!), freedom IBelieve is the course. To Victory, Political freedom to believe.In freedom I...

On Reviewing: rob mclennan

LH: What do you think the purpose of a review is? If you also write about books on a blog, why? What does blogging let you do differently? rm: Well, coming late to the conversation (as Babstock said of himself, as well), I’m uncertain as to what I could add that hasn’t already been said....

The Gatekeepers and the Glass Ceiling, Notes Toward an Essay on The Count

“The gatekeepers of literary culture—at least at magazines—are still primarily male.” If these gatekeepers are showing a gender bias, there’s not much room to make it up later. Let’s make something very clear: no one wants to have these conversations. Particularly women. Or particularly whoever is outside of these gates. They are a bother. They...

The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination via Vanessa Place

The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination Vision is ordered according to a mode that may generally be called the function of images. Anamorphosis is a distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image. “Ana – morphosis” comes from the Greek...

Silver Car Sessions, Episode 10

We met poet Gary Barwin and his blue car in Montreal. He had a whistle.

From the Office for Soft Architecture’s Department of Appliance Lore

Stupendous favourite film Nathalie Granger: and part 2: a key scene w the very young Depardieu, Jeanne Moreau, Lucia Bosé, shot in Duras’ country house.–Lisa Robertson, Vancouver

The Weekend Read: Nada Gordon

BURST To come open or flyapart suddenly orviolently, especiallyfrom internal pressure.The sky erupts. Citiesdarken, food spoilsand homes fall silent.Civilization collapses incolor and noise — andjust a tinge of sadness:burst sunk penguins gofrom eyesore to eye-popping, and the explosionof the firecrackersawoke the heavy raindescends, the swollen torrentscome, and the winds blowand burst upon the house,and it...

Everybody’s Tweetin’ bout Radiohead

So I give you Thom Yorke in black and white

The Selling of Poetry

Well yes, it is a commodity. And it’s the kind of commodity that is more fun apparently to produce than it is to consume. And so the dance of

Silver Car Sessions, Episode 9

Highway poet-hound Sina Queyras sits in the non-lemon for some silvery-red-glossy words about mourning, materiality and bacon.

A Valentine for…

“A Valentine to Sherwood Anderson” read by Stein herself. Or this bit of silliness:

The Weekend Read: Geof Huth “Egg”

How do you know when to let go of a poem? Every now and I come across one of these “eggs” in my own corpus. It looks like a poem, walks like a poem, but there’s something not quite on about it. I pull it out, muck about, fondle, consider burning, recycling, but no, it...

Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash

Lisa Robertson on Eva Hesse’s Sans II

What makes life worth living? A question that comes to us all at one point or another. For me, these days, the question is not about “worth” it’s about “how can we live” consciously, in our time. SF MoMA thinks that art helps. I agree. Absolutely. Art contextualizes. Art frames. Art offers ways of assessing....

Silver Car Sessions, Episode 8

Christian Bok’s car tells all…

The Weekend Read: Emma Healey

CIVIL You exist but don’t get too excited you exist next to Jersey Shore chain bookstores the emergence of the soy latte as a cultural signifier, the word “unlike.” The slow consonance of billboards leading out. Your sulk makes our air taste like teeth and our libraries nasal with stuck fines we all want our...

Michael Turner: Meredith Hunter’s Last Words (Heard)

EXT. THE ALTAMONT SPEEDWAY. NIGHT MICK JAGGER (from the stage) I — I cannot see what’s going on, I just know that every time we get to anumber something happens. I don’t know what’s going on, who’s doing what;it’s just a scuffle. All I can ask you, San Francisco, is, like, the wholething — like...

Silver Car Sessions, Episode 7

Colorado-radicals–Bhanu Kapil and Joshua Samuel Brown–skyped us on a crisp November day in 2010. We video-chatted for 15 minutes–they were brilliant. Then we lost almost all of the recorded footage. Voila!