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The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination

fig 6. Vanessa Place, Los Angeles

The Weekend Read: Jen Benka

MIKE screw it in. louder. speak to the page and so it is prose after all. time is a lie like this is a lie. the beginning always was. what is to begin that has been. the scratching the dragging. give nothing away freely. when she refuses to explain it generate an image to portray...

Feeling full for it

Yes, yes, I say yes, yes to hearing the movements, the nuances, the humour, the wiseness of Stein’s amazing piece. Don’t fence her in. Don’t fence language in. Don’t fence Poetry in. Poetry wants to move, Poetry wants a shut open shutter in tights or out with ears and hands and toes and spring in...

The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination

fig 5.Vanessa Place, Los Angeles

MUSIC FOR WRITERS 2: Luciano Berio and the Labyrinth of Meaning

Score for the electro-acoustic piece Les chants parallèles by Luciano Berio Luciano Berio (1925-2003) was one of the preeminent Italian composers of the 20th century. His compositions were noted for exploring extended instrumental and especially vocal techniques. They often drew their inspiration–and incorporated text and other elements–from literary works. He collaborated with many writers including Italo Calvino,...

Silver Car Sessions, Episode 15

Do not arm-wrestle JPF. Do not wit-wrestle JPF. Stay in your condos/trailers.

Jeff Thompson: The Poetics of Data

PART 1: RE-CONTEXTUALIZING HISTORIES In this series of posts I will chart possible ways to re-contextualize data sets as poetic texts and the ways that writers, visual artists, and musicians have and are using data in their work. Through this shift of focus, “hard” data can be read, analyzed, critiqued, manipulated, and be inspiration or...

Michael Nardone: Some Versions of Furniture Music

Kenneth Goldsmith, on Satie: In the midst of an art opening at a Paris gallery in 1902, Ambient music was born. Erik Satie and his cronies, after begging everyone in the gallery to ignore them, broke out into what they called Furniture Music–that is, background music–music as wallpaper, music to be purposely not listened to....

The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination

fig. 4Vanessa Place, Los Angeles

Silver Car Sessions, Episode 14

Meet Helen Hajnoczky, devilish poet of snares and gracious killer of marketers. Please visit her mind at ateacozyisasometimes.blogspot.com/. This is not an advertisement.

Bob Holman & Anne Waldman

BOB HOLMAN & ANNE WALDMANToday at 2pmConcordia University1455 de Maisonneuve, LB 646 Bob Holman and Anne Waldman will be part of a discussion at the English department of Concordia University on March 14th at 2pm. The two spoken word legends will discuss their poetic paths and vision of poetry. They will also perform. In conjunction...

The Weekend Read: a homophonic translation

Ordsins List (Hrynhenda) Our sins lust far beyond Glowthra(brought first, huge dreams, vistas). Sina, mindful of badly needed funds,We ran from the slithering titan andHuge swords halved Shill, Half-eyed speaker of Semen-Talkers Meaning a fluidity in our systems, Malleable and, in love with itself. Herrann, her red hems of doubtHuge with organs, prioritiesMild with hoar hound...

The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination

fig. 3 Vanessa Place, Los Angeles

MUSIC FOR WRITERS 1: Trevor Wishart, the Supervoice, and the Boundaryless Alchemy of Image

INTRODUCTION I’m delighted to be writing a series here at the Lemon pound on “Music for Writers.” I’m going to be discussing some musical topics that I think will be of interest to writers. I’m going to try to only talk about music that can be found online so that it can be heard or...

Damian Rogers talks to Anne Waldman

photo Sheila Lanham I met Anne Waldman at Chichen Itza in January 2010, when I’d traveled over 5,000 miles to study with her at a writing workshop in Merida, Mexico. It was one of the smartest things I ever did. Waldman is a unique force in the literary landscape; she has helped shape culture through her...

Silver Car Sessions, Episode 12

Check it: Vancouver poet Jason Christie longs to befreckle Andre Gide’s nose. C’est vrais.

The Snowy, Indoors Day

with apologies to Mary OliverWho made this program?Who made the iPhone, the GPS, the Internet?Who made my favorite app of the moment?This Angry Bird app, I mean-the one I have downloaded from iTunes,the one I keep losing at though my aim is improving,the one that whistles tee hee and woohoos to its own carnivalesque dirge-who...

From the Office for Soft Architecture’s Department of Appliance Lore

The woman who helped spark the revolution.For more on Asmaa Mahfouz.

The Weekend Read: Bhanu Kapil we love you

Friday, January 21, 2011 Semi-colons are like long scratches on a body.  Vowels as saturated.  Rimbaud drinking coffee in a room with red and yellow wallpaper, looking out the window at the jungle rain.  But commas as a scarring process set in motion by the abrasions performed by other kinds of punctuation.  I like commas....

The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination via Vanessa Place

fig. 2 Vanessa Place killed poetry. – anon. via Twitter Vanessa Place writes poetry, prose and art criticism; she is also a criminal lawyer and co-director of Les Figues Press. Her most recent work is available in French as Exposé des Faits, and in English as Statement of Facts.Of Vanessa Place and Robert Fitterman’s Notes on...

On Reviewing: David Orr

LH: What do you think the purpose of a review is? If you also write about books on a blog, why? What does blogging let you do differently? DO: A good review is a persuasive judgment entertainingly delivered. Criticism itself is a broader category, and includes exploratory essays, polemics, advocacy, whither-the-poets-of-yesteryears and so forth. Poetry...

Silver Car Sessions, Episode 11

Winnipeg-based poet Johnathan Ball’s materiality is here. Poo.