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The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination

fig 6.Vanessa Place, Los Angeles

The Weekend Read: Jen Benka

MIKEscrew it in. louder. speak to the page and so it is prose after all. time is a lie like this is a lie. the beginning always was. what is to begin that has been. the scratching the dragging. give nothing away freely. when she refuses to explain it generate an image to portray self....

Feeling full for it

Yes, yes, I say yes, yes to hearing the movements, the nuances, the humour, the wiseness of Stein's amazing piece. Don't fence her in. Don't fence language in. Don't fence Poetry in. Poetry wants to move, Poetry wants a shut open shutter in tights or out with ears and hands and toes and spring in...

The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination

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MUSIC FOR WRITERS 2: Luciano Berio and the Labyrinth of Meaning

Score for the electro-acoustic piece Les chants parallèles by Luciano BerioLuciano Berio (1925-2003) was one of the preeminent Italian composers of the 20th century. His compositions were noted for exploring extended instrumental and especially vocal techniques. They often drew their inspiration--and incorporated text and other elements--from literary works. He collaborated with many writers including Italo Calvino, Umberto...

Silver Car Sessions, Episode 15

Do not arm-wrestle JPF. Do not wit-wrestle JPF. Stay in your condos/trailers.

Jeff Thompson: The Poetics of Data

PART 1: RE-CONTEXTUALIZING HISTORIES In this series of posts I will chart possible ways to re-contextualize data sets as poetic texts and the ways that writers, visual artists, and musicians have and are using data in their work. Through this shift of focus, “hard” data can be read, analyzed, critiqued, manipulated, and be inspiration or...

Michael Nardone: Some Versions of Furniture Music

Kenneth Goldsmith, on Satie: In the midst of an art opening at a Paris gallery in 1902, Ambient music was born. Erik Satie and his cronies, after begging everyone in the gallery to ignore them, broke out into what they called Furniture Music--that is, background music--music as wallpaper, music to be purposely not listened to....

The Scientific Instruments in Holbein’s Ambassadors: A Re-Examination

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Silver Car Sessions, Episode 14

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