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What were they thinking?

For your summer viewing and imaginative pleasure. What exactly was Johnny thinking? Why do I suddenly have the urge to smoke?

conceptualists formal

conceptualists formal, originally uploaded by alienated.

Sachiko Murakami’s Rebuild

Sachiko Murakami investigates concepts of ownership and belonging through a spare and precise line in her second book of poetry, Rebuild (Talonbooks 2011). Dwelling, home, house, at ease, at rest, familiar, homey, homely, family, household, infill, rental, renovate, commodity, abode, investment, flip, flip, flip, knock it down, “boom crash boom crash.” “Bin that shit.” Re-start....

Last moments

Last moments, originally uploaded by lemon hound. rue Masson is a quiet street on the far north east edge of the plateau. Snapped a photo of this little corner resto just a few weeks back. While I was running actually. When I cycled by yesterday I saw that a new restaurant had already taken its...

T.S. Eliot & Vivienne & VW

From the Monk’s House Album, 1932.

Rainbow as seen by Gail Scott & I from Summit Circle.

Rainbow as seen by Gail Scott & I from Summit Circle., originally uploaded by lemon hound.

From the Office for Soft Architecture’s Department of Appliance Lore

Genius. More here. All good. What Does it Cost to Change the World? from WikiLeaks on Vimeo via Techpresident  –The Office for Soft Architecture, La Malgache, France