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Twitter Review

* Hordes of Writing, Chus Pato, trans. Erin Moure, Bushek/Shearsman 2011The poet only performs in an underground garden miraculously bathed in warm sunlight & only to those who can crawl backward thru time.

Writing has nothing to do with self-expression

No, it's not Kenny Goldsmith speaking, it's Tom McCarthy.

The Poetics of Data – Part 2: Translation and Analogy

In this series of posts, Jeff Thompson charts possible ways to re-contextualize data sets as poetic texts and the ways that writers, visual artists, and musicians have and are using data in their work. Through this shift of focus, “hard” data can be read, analyzed, critiqued, manipulated, and be inspiration or source.Continuing from part one,...

Make your own space

I have always had a love of architecture and design, but also carpentry, because while one can dream it, and draw it, I would also like realize that vision with my own hands. Over the years I have drawn, dreamed, and built a variety of tree forts wherever I found a little space: in patches...